12v Fluorescent Ballast





Build Your Own
12 Volt Full Size Fluorescent Light Ballast
Its expensive to buy a good size 12 volt fluorescent light ballast . Sure, you can run 120v units from a power inverter, but that is very inefficient.? Why not just build your own 12v ballast and run VERY efficiently directly from your 12 volt source.
Mike from Michigan shows you how he built a 12v ballast. it will run up to an ordinary 40 watt full size bulb –WITH FULL BRIGHTNESS.? This is an electronic project so winding wire and soldering is necessary.? There are only a few other components .? This also runs on and produces a frequency above your hearing so there is no annoying 60 cycle hum.
This 12v ballast is just awesome to run from solar or wind systems or even in rv or camping applications.
DIY Fluorescent Fixture

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