Deer BBQ GRILL DXF Plasma Table File


Deer BBQ GRILL CNC Plasma DXF Files Download


  • Materials: frame steel 2 mm (0,08″)
  • Brazier steel 4 mm (0,16″)
  • Length: 1200 mm (47,2440944882)
  • Width: 550 mm (21.6535433071)
  • Height: 1600 mm (62,9921259843)
  • The height of the brazier level: 830 mm (32,6771653543)
  • Size of the brazier: 550x250x230 m (21.6535433071×9.842519685×9.0551181102)

The documentation package includes:

  • Set of cutting files *
  • .dxfThese vector files

Everything is compatible with all laser cutting software CNC plasma cutting machine.


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