DIY Wall Mounted Metal Storage Bins


All steel parts bins. Plasma cut 14 ga. steel. Boxes easily removable to take to your work station. Build as many units as you need in multiples of 30 boxes. stack units side by side or to and bottom.

DOWNLOADABLE FILES – Retrieve Immediately After Order Submission

Complete CNC Plasma DXF Cut Files



Heavy Duty DIY Wall Mounted Metal Storage Bins – System

Super heavy duty adjustabe parts bin DXF Files

Build your own wall hanging storage system and organize everything from small parts to nuts, bolts, washers and more.

Make your own metal bin storage system with downloadable dxf cut files.  Download, cut and mount the wall unit.  Hand bend the bins and hang them side by side or up and down.

  • Build from 14 gauge sheet steel
  • Easily remove to bring to your bench or work station
  • Stack Side by Side or up and down
  • Dimensions of one unit complete 22.5″x22.5″x8″ deep.
  • Box dim.7″ long x3.5″ wide x 2.5″ high
  • 30 Metal Bins/Boxes per unit

If you are looking for a great project for some of that sheet steel you want to use up around your shop it wont go to waste on this complete storage system.

CNC Plasma Cut Storage Bin Files