Fuel Mileage Enhancement





This is a Guide showing you How To Increase Fuel Efficiency by using sensor enhancements. Mike from Michigan shows “How I Built” style guide on How To Get Better MPG and START Saving Petrol Today!

This document shows how Mike from Michigan used Electronic Enhancement of the EEC Computer and Water/Alcohol injection in his Ford Ranger Pickup to Increase His Gas Mileage FROM 16 M.P.G. to?35 M.P.G Highway.? he has gotten as high as 41mpg

His guide Shows his Fuel Economy Tips by Using Sensor Enhancements which he made and shows schematics for. The Fuel Enhancement Guide shows how to adjust the 02 Sens, Maf Sens, TPS, EGR, CTS to get better gas mileage.? By doing so the automobile uses LESS FUEL and gets the timing back to where it should be for a leaner mixture. Also by adding Water/Alcohol injection he cooled the exhaust and at the same time enhanced the Ignition Flame Front to get the most from the leaner Air/Fuel Ratio.

All the sensors that were enhanced have schematics for very simple circuits and also include mini digital voltmeters for monitoring.
This was done on a Multi-Port Fuel Injection Engine and with vehicle differences taken into consideration should be able to be used on others. The Electronic Fuel Enhancement Guide shows you how to tell the computer to live in a ?world of fantasy?? while you give it the inputs you want to have.
How to get better fuel mileage with Electronic Fuel Mileage Enhancement!

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