High Voltage Static & Electroculture To Increase Plant Growth


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Electricity and Plant Growth
Use High Voltage Static To Increase Plant Growth – Production

In this DIY Guide on High Voltage Static and Electroculture Mike from Michigan shows you how he uses High Voltage Negative IONS to accelerate the growth in his Garden Seedlings before they go from the Greenhouse to the Garden.

Once in the Garden despite of the Oak Laden Soil, plants grew much faster and higher yields than their UNtreated counterparts.? This DIY Guide – Document has a schematic and shows Mike?s? ION Generator which he built. (The Same Used for his Electonic Mosquito Repellent).

Also included is a excerpt from an article called Electroculture, written by Robert Nelson (with his permission) which tells of many other times how people have used electricity to enhance plant growth. Some of who used nothing more than zinc and copper plates that were buried and had a above ground wire between them causing a higher yield in Potato Crops.

See what he has done and what others have used.
Get Experimental and Grow MONSTER crops of your own!


ION Generator and plant growth

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