Liquid to Liquid Heat Exchanger





This project was developed to be used with an Outdoor Wood Burning Water Stove, to heat an in-ground swimming pool; however, it could be used with any heated water source. The main element of this plan is a simple liquid to the liquid heat exchanger, made from common, copper plumbing components. The exchanger indirectly transfers heat from heated water to the swimming pool or spa water. When plumbed to an outside wood-burning stove you can very economically heat your pool water to a much more comfortable temperature. This allows your outdoor woodstove to perform double duty by heating your house in the winter, and your pool, or spa in the summer. The depicted design was built for around $300 (2009) and is almost 20 feet long. Shorter versions of this design could also be built for smaller applications such as spas and side-arm water heaters.
The?plan set includes:
1) A complete parts list including sources
2) Assembly drawings and instructions
3) Color photographs from the project construction
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Build Your Own Heat Exchanger