Rotary Swing Cylinder to Linear Hydraulic Cylinder Conversion Plans




Massey Ferguson

Complete information and Plans to convert Massey Ferguson MF40 Backhoe Swing cylinder Motor MF52 to Linear Hydraulic Cylinder System

This is a set of blueprints to convert your Massey Ferguson Backhoe which has the old rotary cylinder to a linear hydraulic cylinder operation.  This is a blueprint package with professionally prepared CAD drawings which detail the components and weldments needed for the conversion.   Also includes pictures of the actual conversion as it developed.

I did this conversion due to the rotary cylinder on my MF40 with an MF52 hoe backhoe requiring some maintenance and a seal kit was in the $800 price range a few years back.  Last time I checked a kit was not even available anymore.  This conversion took me about a week to complete (full weekend and about 3 hours per day) from start to finish.  The conversion does involve welding and machining (which could also be accomplished with some careful grinding) or the careful use of a torch …wouldn’t be as pretty, but would be functional.

Includes supplier information and part numbers of the hydraulic cylinders and other parts that are not available locally.  Locally acquired parts would be like hoses, fittings & bolts.  I have roughly $275 in this conversion plus my time.  Most of the steel that I used was recycled from other implements or scrap equipment.

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