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  • Electronic Mosquito Repellent


    ELECTRONIC MOSQUITO REPELLENT   Build A Electronic Mosquito Repellent DIY Electronic Mosquito Repellent document – guide designed by Mike from Michigan to be used as a Patio or Lawn Chair Mosquiot repellent device. In the past Mike used this same electronic device in his Greenhouse to Accelerate Plant Growth. In doing so he found that…

  • Electromagnetic Water ConditionerElectromagnetic Water Conditioner

    Electromagnetic Water Conditioner


    ELECTROMAGNETIC WATER CONDITIONERS   Electromagnetic Water Conditioners are the new way to remove or eliminate calcium lime from filling your water heater and pipes.? With a simple circuit and some wire you can save yourself the $500 that these units cost new. Mike from Michigan will show you the simple circuit and means by which…

  • diy solar volt meter guidediy volt meter wiring diagram

    DIY Solar Wind Digital Voltmeter


    HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN SOLAR OR WIND VOLTMETER   SOLAR – WIND HIGH VISIBILITY CLOCK DIY Voltmeter In this guide, Mike from Michigan shows you how he made his high visibility Voltmeter so Solar or Wind systems can be easily monitored. Now follow his steps and build your own Visible Voltage Meter! Build your…

  • DIY Router


    BUILD YOUR OWN ROUTER   How to Make and Use a Router.? Make your own router from an old used vacuum cleaner motor and wood! A router handles some woodworking jobs no other tool will do.? It’s also one of the easiest power tools to build.? ? The plan shows you how to take a…

  • DIY Electronic Garden Pest Control

    DIY Electronic Garden Pest Control


    DIY ELECTRONIC GARDEN PEST CONTROL   Electrostatic Garden Pest Deterent Mike from Michigan shows ?How I Built Mine? Electronic Garden Pest Repeller! A natural Pest Control for your garden. No chemicals! Green DIY Pest Control! While experimenting with electricity to increase plant growth Mike noticed he no longer had issues with Rabbits or Woodchucks chewing…

  • Vintage Electric Trolling Motor Plans


    DIY ELECTRIC TROLLING MOTOR High Horsepower outboards and even inboard/outboards are great for getting to your favorite fishing spot, but they aren’t so great for trolling around once your there.? Most fishing setups today include an electric trolling motor for just this reason.? The latest crop of electric trolling motors is very nice in all…

  • DIY Air Conditioner Repair & Maintenance Guide

    DIY AC Repair


    DIY AIR CONDITIONER REPAIR & MAINTENANCE GUIDE   Air Conditioner Repair & Maintence Ebook showing you how to service home AC systems (R-22 refrigerant-type, mainly) About this DIY AC book: If you intend to become a AC service tech this book alone, will not get you there. If you want to tune up your central…

  • Vintage Cigar Labels


    Cigar Label Images! 85 Classic Cigar Images in all! Straight to your email! 300 DPI Jpeg Images! Nice high-quality images! Please see examples! You can reprint these and use them for your projects! Get them now and get them fast! Cigar Label Art INSTANT DOWNLOAD

  • Chicken Coop Plans


    Chicken Coops and Runs DIY Chicken Coops Plans? Chicken Pen Plans OVER 20 CHICKEN PRODUCTION PLANS! Poultry Plans – Poultry Production Plans ALL 20 Poultry Production Plans are included for $9.95 Farming Plans for producing and raising poultry. INSTANT DOWNLOAD Poultry Production Plans, 20 Poultry Plans for raising poultry, Chick Feeder Plans, Chick Brooder Plans…

  • Cell Phone Desiccator Plans


    CELL PHONE DESICCATOR PLANS Make a Vacuum Desiccator – How To Dry Out Cell Phones Drop a cell phone in a water puddle, sink full of dish water or even the toilet! Days later if it dries out, it still won’t work correctly. This is because even though you dried the water out of it,…

  • Catch Wrestling Manual


    Catch Wrestling Catch As Catch Can Style How To. Learn the lost art of catch wrestling standing style. Comprehensive and fully illustrated! Rare Lessons! Only 4.99

  • Catch Wrestling Lessons


    CATCH WRESTLING LESSONS Catch Wrestling All In Fully Illustrated with pictures and drawings! Learn these secret and rare techniques now! Cumberland and Westmoreland styles and more. Very good instructions and origins of these catch wrestling moves. Now Only 3.99