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Best Countersink Bit Sets: Wood, Metal Aluminum

Countersinking is the enlargement of a drilled hole to fit a screw, bolt, or nail into the surface seamlessly. It’s not easy to find a good-quality countersink bit set that offers a decent range of sizes, is made from durable materials, and is affordable. 

The last thing you want from a countersink bit set is pieces that chatter the surface, vibrate, and potentially break upon use. 

We understand the importance of finding a set that is suitable for any surface, from metal to wood to plastic. So, we have found the 10 best countersink bit sets to suit every purpose, from household DIY to professional use. 

10 Best Countersink Bit Sets

Our Top Pick for Best Countersink Bit Sets

Comoware 7Pcs Countersink Drill Bits Set

COMOWARE Countersink Drill Bits Set- 7Pcs Counter Sink Bit for Wood High Speed Steel, Woodworking Carpentry Reamer with 1 Free Hex Key Wrench

Made of carbon steel, this countersink bit set is designed for accuracy and precision. These bits have a three-pointed design that targets the chosen area without slipping, as the points grab onto the surface. The chamfer has five edges that release the excess debris and chips from countersinking of the hole, so you won’t have to worry about clearing the hole up afterward.



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This set is ideal for a conventional electric drill, hand drill, and bench drill. It can work on a range of surfaces, including wood, rubber, plastic, fiberboard, and more. The set includes a variety of bit sizes from 3mm to 10mm. 

  • Versatile to work on multiple surfaces and drill types
  • Heavy-duty carbon steel is durable and won’t snap
  • 3-point design to prevent slipping
  • Not suitable for metal

Runner Up for Best Countersink Bit Sets

Mimiviva 6Pcs Countersink Drill Bit Set

MIMIVIVA Countersink Drill Bit, Countersink Drill Bit Set with 82 Degree Center Countersink Bits for Wood Quick Change Bit 6mm - 19mm 6 Pcs

This countersink bit set is all about convenience. Made of carbon steel with a titanium coating, these ¼ inch hex shank drill bits can be removed and replaced quickly on most power tools. They all have an 82-degree angle for sharp and accurate countersinking. With a five-flute design, the countersinking process is smooth and precise without fear of wobbling.

There are six pieces in this set, sizing between 6mm to 19mm – which is a good deal considering the price point. They are most suitable for wood boards, plastic, PVC boards, and plywood – though they are not designed for metal. 

  • Very affordable price point for six bits
  • Made from high-quality materials for durability and stable countersinking
  • Most ideal for wood
  • Not suitable for metals or aluminum

The Rest of the Best Countersink Bit Sets

DKIBBITH 5Pcs Countersink Drill Bit Set

Countersink Drill Bit Set, 5 Pieces High Speed Steel 82 Degree 5 Flute 6mm Round Shank Mill Cutter Bit Countersink in Sizes 1/4” 3/8” 1/2” 5/8” 3/4” Set with Carrying Case

The DKIBBITH round shank bit set offers five-bit pieces in popular sizes including ¼, ¾, ½, ⅜, and ⅝ inches. Made of high-speed steel and covered in golden oxide, they are resistant to breakage and corrosion. The ¼ inch round shank is compatible with the majority of drills – though the product photos show a fluted shaft.

The sharp edges of these countersink bits are down to the 82-degree tip that can drill through almost anything – including hardwood and softwood, plywood, plastic, and most metals. The box fits all of the pieces for convenient storage and has a foam interior to prevent damage to the bits.

Be sure to check out our post on other tools you need to work with metal if you are into welding and other metalwork.

  • Round shank is compatible with most drills
  • Sharp tip can drill through woods and metals alike
  • Made of high-quality materials including a corrosion-resistant golden oxide finish
  • Product images show a flute shank rather than the real round shank, which may be misleading

Irwin Tools 5Pcs Countersink Drill Bit Set

IRWIN Countersink Drill Bit Set for Metal, 5-Piece (1877793)

If you’re looking for a bit set for countersinking metal, look no further. Available in popular sizes ranging from ¼ inch to ¾ inch, this Irwin set offers five bits that are compatible with all drills due to the ¼ inch round shank. 

These pieces are made of high-speed steel and a black oxide finish to prevent corrosion and breakages. This is matched with a five-flute design for a smooth and convenient countersinking experience. 

These bits are more suitable for countersinking machinable metals, plastic, and wood. The handy box has designated slots for each bit to preserve its quality. 

  • Sharp enough to drill through machinable metals
  • ¼ inch round shank is suitable for all drill types
  • High-quality materials prevent breakage and corrosion
  • Too much pressure and they will become chattery

Neiko 5Pcs Countersink Drill Bit Set

NEIKO 10218A Countersink Drill Bit Set for Wood and Metal, 1/4” Tri-Flat Shank, 5 Piece Countersink Bits, M2 High Speed Steel

This five-piece set is an all-rounder for countersinking wood, rubber, plastic, and soft metals. The bits are all about the sturdiness with its high-speed steel material construction and five-flute design. The shank is tri-flat to fit some drill types. 

The set includes five bits ranging from ¼” to ¾” popular sizes, which are most ideal for household or professional use. They come in a sturdy aluminum case with a foam interior to keep the bits protected. 

This set can drill through soft metals including aluminum or steel but is not suitable for hard metals. 

  • Suitable for household DIY or professional use
  • Sharp tip is most ideal for softwoods, some soft metals, rubber, and plastic
  • Convenient and sturdy case to protect the bits
  • Some bits may wobble if used with too much pressure or on the wrong material

FTG 5Pcs Countersink Drill Bit Set

FTG USA Countersink Drill Bit Set 5 Pc #4#6#8#10#12 Tapered Drill Bit for Woodworking

This countersink bit set is most ideal for countersinking wood. With a range of sizes, these bits offer an 82-degree chamfer that effortlessly and smoothly countersinks through the wood. This tapered tip allows for clean holes. The universal ¼ inch hex shank is suitable for most drills. 

Whilst this bit set is not designed for metal, it can seamlessly glide through various woods – ideal for a household DIY project. 

This particular set comes without depth stop collars, but there is an option to include two depth stop collars if necessary. It also comes with a handy Allen wrench. 

  • Most ideal for woodwork
  • Tapered, sharp tip allows tighter grip for screws
  • Suitable size ranges for various projects
  • Whilst ideal for woods, bits aren’t strong enough for metals

Baban 6Pcs Countersink Drill Bit Set

Baban Countersink Drill Bit,Countersink Drill Bit Set 6 Pcs 1/4'' Hex Shank HSS 5 Flute Countersink 90 Degree Center Punch Tool Sets for Wood Quick Change Bit 6mm-19mm

This Baban bit set offers 6 bits ranging from ¼” to ¾” in size. Whilst an 82-degree angle is often preferred by some for providing a firmer grip on a screw, these bits have a 90-degree angle on the tip that is designed to prevent chattering.

Any chattering that occurs is down to speeds that are too high or too slow and improper alignment. With a five-flute design, these bits are suitable for woods, plastic, particle boards, and soft metals alike.

Made of high-speed steel, this bit set is designed to offer a smooth countersinking experience without breakages and corrosion. The ¼” hex shank allows for quick replacements. 

  • 90-degree angled tip prevents chattering
  • Five-flute design and material is suitable for soft metals, woods, and plastics
  • ¼” hex shank is easy to remove and replace
  • Storage container is not included

Irwin Tools 19Pcs Countersink Bit Set

IRWIN Bit Set for Wood, Countersink, 19-Piece (1890451)

This Irwin Tools product offers an impressive 19 different bit pieces to suit every countersinking need. Most suitable for woodwork, this is a versatile set for both household DIY projects and professional use alike. 

These bits have a smooth performance with their adjustable 4-cutter counterbore cuts, allowing for a clean and convenient countersinking experience. This counterbore can be attached with two hex screws for a straightforward and stable fit, matched with its ¼” hex shank for fast replacements. 

This is an ideal complete set with the extra driver pieces included for all woodwork activities but is not suitable for metalwork. 

  • 19-piece set offers an array of bit sizes and purposes
  • Extra driver pieces included to increase the versatility
  • Notable and reputable brand
  • Two drills are required to adjust the counterbore screws

OCGIG 4Pcs Countersink Drill Bits Set

OCGIG 4pcs Countersink Chamfer Tool HSS(4241) Deburring Tool Set Metal Wood Drill Bits

These interesting countersink bits are best suited for use with a bench drill, rather than a hand drill which would increase the chance of chamfering. Made of high-speed steel and a titanium finish, these are high-quality and corrosion-resistant bits that are most ideal for countersinking through wood and metal.

The tip features a 90-degree angle to prevent chattering and is designed for circular aperture chamfering. Whilst they don’t have a fluted design to rid of chips, this is ideal for metal. This style is often preferred by some countersink users. 

  • Lack of flute design is ideal for metal countersinking
  • The 90-degree angle prevents chattering and movement
  • Ideal for bench drill use
  • Better for occasional household DIY rather than constant countersinking

QWORK 6Pcs Countersink Drill Bits Set

QWORK Countersink Drill Bits Center Punch Set 6 Pcs 1/4'' Hex Shank HSS 5 Flute Countersink 90 Degree Center Punch Tool Sets for Wood Quick Change Bit 6mm-19mm

The final set on our list is made of high-speed steel and finished with titanium, allowing the bits to be used for extended periods of time without overheating. This set offers six pieces ranging from ¼” to ¾” in size, all of which have a ¼” hex shank for quick changes on most drills. 

With five flutes, these bits are designed to be vibration and chatter-free to provide smooth and accurate countersinking. This set is best suited for wood, plastic, plywood, and particle boards. 

  • Six-piece set offers multiple bits for versatility
  • Five-fluted design prevents vibrations and chatter
  • Best suited for countersinking wood and soft materials
  • Not suited for metals and hard materials

Buyer’s Guide

What To Look For in a Countersink Bit Set

Whether you are buying a countersink bit set for the first time or you are looking to replace your current set, there are several factors to look out for. 

Materials: What Are Countersink Bits Made Of Materials

The most common and reliable material that countersink bits are made of is high-speed carbon steel. This is a durable, heavy-duty material that is ideal for countersinking through a variety of surfaces. Whilst the majority of manufacturers will produce sets made from this material, that is not to say that they will all feel the same way. Some manufacturers will opt for a cheaper steel material to sell the set at a lower price.

The coating is as important as the main material. A layer of oxide or titanium offers heat protection from extended use and provides a corrosion-resistant layer of protection to improve the longevity of the bits. The pricier bit sets are often more expensive due to a high-quality coating.

Countersink Shank Design

Make sure to understand what shank part is required for your drill. The shank is the part that connects the bit to the drill. Generally speaking, hexagonal shanks are best for improving grip and accuracy. Flat shanks are the easiest and fastest to install and remove.

Storage For Bit Sets

While some countersink bit sets offer a storage container for the bits, others do not. Even though these pieces are durable and hardy, it’s important to find a stable container to maintain the quality of the pieces. Unless you’re willing to make regular replacements, a storage container is a must.

Countersink Chamfer Angle

Countersink bits work hand-in-hand with screw heads, so make sure to check the chamfer angle. Most countersink bits either have 82-degree or 90-degree angles, which need to match accordingly to the screw head. This won’t matter too much if the screws are hidden, but if the head is visible on the surface, the screw head will look wonky and weak and may even break.

What is Countersink Chatter? 

Chatter is when the countersink bit creates a rough edge to the hole, which can often look hexagonal instead of circular. This is usually caused by a blunt countersink bit or a speed that is too fast or too slow. It can also be caused by misalignment. 

To avoid chatter, make sure to keep your countersink bits in an appropriate storage container to prevent them from getting blunt against other tools.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What size countersink do I need? 

You need a countersink bit that is larger than the bolt of the hole to properly fit the screw or nail. Fortunately, countersink bit sets offer a range of sizes that are appropriate for the vast majority of hole sizes. 

If you want to do the math, multiply the size of the bolt hole diameter by 1.5. This will equal the diameter of the countersink bit. 

How do you countersink without a countersink bit? 

Place the screw or nail next to your drill, and mark the length of the screw with tape on the drill. Predrill a hole into the surface that is the same diameter and length of the screw, so the tape just touches the surface. You can then make a shallow hole at the surface where the screw head will sit. It won’t be the most flawless method compared to countersinking, but it can be covered by wood filler.

Do I need a countersink bit? 

If you’re looking to drill into softwoods, there is a chance that you won’t necessarily need a countersink bit. Likewise, if you’re not bothered about screw heads slightly sticking out from the surface, then a countersink bit is not needed. 

However, if you’re looking to create a professional and smooth finish for a DIY project, countersinking is great! They seamlessly blend the head of the screw into the surface of the material, which can be easily painted or filled over. 

Can you use a countersink bit on metal? 

It does depend on the manufacturer’s recommendations, as some countersink bits are better suited for wood than hard surfaces such as metal. However, as noted in our reviews above it is possible to find a countersink bit that can be used on metal. These generally are more expensive as the material has to be a harder metal in order to countersink.

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