FOR PEOPLE WHO WOULD LIKE TO MAIL IN THEIR ORDERS VIA STANDARD MAIL. Write down the plans you would like and Make Checks Payable to: Gizmoplans for a total of the DOWNLOAD PLAN price PLUS $4. The $4 includes postage and CD, (plans will be sent to you on CD in PDF format). Be sure to include YOUR mailing address, contact name and telephone number. If you would like a printed hard copy mailed you must add BOTH Download Price PLUS the additional cost for MAIL ME this plan in the drop down price menu – Send Mail Orders To: – Gizmoplans – 4423 Normanna Road – Duluth, MN 55803.

Putting your plans on gizmoplans is absolutely FREE. The only time gizmoplans gets paid is when your plans are sold. A agreed upon % fee of the selling price is retained by gizmoplans once a sale is made.

Every time someone makes a purchase of your plans or information you will get notified automatically via email of the purchase. Then approximately twice per month we issue builk payments to all sellers for all sales. If you do not have a PayPal account you will need to set one up, PayPal accounts are FREE.

Gizmoplans can help you turn your plans into a digital format, it is actually very easy. The advantage is instant downloading of of your plans to worldwide customers without ÅNY additional costs or postage costs to you or the customer buying them. This is truly a Passive Income Opportunity for anyone wanting to earn spare time income with very little effort.

Just about any type of plan or information can be uploaded and sold on gizmoplans. Maybe you have a unique birdhouse, plans for a simple tool that you made for a certain industry that would help save time and money, How To Information, Self Help, Ebooks, Manuals, Patterns, How To Videos, Software, and more! The types of plans or ideas that can be sold are as limitless as your imagination.

Once your plans are approved and posted to the site you will be able to put up any additional pictures of your project that you would like. The more pictures you have, the more people are apt to buy. You can also embed a youtube video that you may have produced, this will give you even MORE exposure!

Anyone who has internet access around the world. Because gizmoplans is set up for all major credit cards and is able to receive international funds we get orders from people all over the world. Our secure online credit card processing handles everything. Part of the small % fee we retain goes to cover any credit card transaction costs.

Depending on how detailed your plans are is usually a good start. If it is a simple idea and could appeal to just about anyone a lower price would get more people to purchase your plans. Conversely more detailed plans could have a higher price. Gizmoplans will give pricing suggestions for you on your plans if needed.

For any other questions not listed here, please contact us!