best epoxy resin for wood working

Best Epoxy Resin For Wood: Table Tops, Crafts, Art

Are you looking to spruce up an old table or a wooden item or work with on new crafts or other wooden projects or even art? With epoxy resin you can do create all sorts of unique projects.

Using the best epoxy resin can give a sorry-looking piece of wood a new vigor and shine. It can help wood become glossy as well as protect it against certain elements.

There are other ways of brightening up some woodwork such as using stains or other kinds of paint but these don’t tend to last as long. Your wood can become damaged quickly and will need regular touch-ups just to keep it in an adequate condition.

Fortunately, epoxy resin does the opposite. A good-quality resin will leave your wood with a stylish finish and its scratch and wear-resistant materials will ensure your wooden structure stands the test of time.

Best Epoxy Resin For Wood Projects, Table Tops, Crafts, Art

Finding the right epoxy resin for your needs can be troublesome and you must be very careful on which one you choose as some can cause damage to certain surfaces.

To save you from these problems, we have delved into the world of epoxy resins and come back with the 10 very best products on the market today.

Our Top Pick Epoxy Resin

Clear Table Top Epoxy Resin Coating

Epoxy Resin Promise Epoxy- Clear Coat Table Top | 2-Part 1 Gal (0.5 Gal Epoxy Resin & 0.5 Gal Hardener Set)| Resin Epoxy Kit with Mixing Cups, Stir Sticks, Brushes, & Gloves | DIY Craft Supplies

If versatility is what you are after, then Clear Table Top Epoxy Resin Coating could be the one for you. This multi-purpose epoxy resin coating kit provides an outstanding finish on multiple projects. Made by Pro Marine Supplies, your wood project will soon be standing out from the rest.

Although this epoxy resin can be used on a variety of projects, it is advised to use it with smaller tasks. This is due to its fast curing time which can be a blessing and a curse.

Its fast curing nature means that the wood will be ready and looking stylish in a shorter amount of time but if you are tackling a larger project, certain parts will cure before others leaving it unmatched. Nonetheless, this kit will certainly do an excellent job at protecting your wood as well as improving its look.

Included are two half-gallon containers which have epoxy resin and a hardener. This means you can work knowing that this mixture will protect the wood from UV radiation and scratches.

We were very impressed by this product’s self-leveling capabilities. This means the epoxy resin levels out smoothly on the surface leaving a very even finish.

Clear Table Top Epoxy Pros

  • High gloss finish – Looks very attractive and stylish on any wooden surface
  • Eliminates craters, fish eyes, and crawling – Protects wood from common issues to help it look better and last longer
  • Self-leveling formula – Results in a very smooth and even finish

Clear Table Top Epoxy Cons

  • Hard to pour – Can be difficult to pour out due to its thick texture 


RTG Supply Co. Bar & Table Top Epoxy Resin

RTG Bar & Table Top Epoxy (Gallon Kit)

If you’re looking for a well-priced, two-part epoxy resin, RTG Epoxy Resin should be considered. Although one of the most affordable epoxy resins on the market, there is no compromise when it comes to quality.

Using this will leave your wood looking glossy with a clear coating. RTG epoxy resin is stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, and moisture-resistant once the project is finished and dried. The self-leveling of this product is also superb making it easy to use.

RTG refuses to blush and resists bubbling leaving your wood surface smooth and even throughout. Many epoxy resins leave air bubbles on the surface and, although they can appear with this resin, they naturally rise to the resin’s surface. 

If your wood product will be located outdoors, you’ll be happy to know that this epoxy resin is UV resistant. However, long exposure to sunlight will damage the wood eventually.

RTG Supply Co. Bar & Table Top Epoxy Resin Pros

  • Waterproof – Can be used for various applications safely
  • Fast curing time – Epoxy resin dries quickly to leave your product protected and looking glossy
  • Easy to mix – Comes with instructions for beginners to make the process simpler

RTG Supply Co. Bar & Table Top Epoxy Resin Cons

  • Bubbles can appear – If not mixed well, bubbles can occur on the resin’s surface

Other Worthy Epoxy Resins

Prima Epoxy Resin

EPOXY Resin Coating - Commercial Grade Crystal Clear for Bar Tops & Tables - 1 Gallon Kit | Set Includes Toolkit with Containers and Mixing Drill Bit

With a unique and distinctive quality, this epoxy resin from Prima Loc is an excellent product. To save you time in brushing or stirring the resin, this comes ready to go for a more effortless process. With self-leveling properties of ⅛ of an inch, all you need to do is pour and allow the epoxy resin to do its work.

Prima epoxy resin is free of any harmful organic compounds meaning you can use it safely in the knowledge that you or your family won’t come to any harm if it is used in your home. 

Some projects require layering to get the perfect, protected finish and this resin is ideal for layering work. However, you shouldn’t use it for coating outdoor furniture as it tends to yellow after some time due to the sun.

Prima Epoxy Resin Pros

  • UV protected – Able to withstand different weather conditions
  • Easy to use – Includes clear instructions on how to use it and what not to do with the product
  • Scratch-resistant – The blend used is resistant to scratches so your finished wooden piece will be protected at all times

Prima Epoxy Resin Cons

  • Tends to yellow – If left under direct sunlight for some time, this resin can discolor and become yellow

Superclear Premium Amazing Clear Cast Epoxy Pourable Resin

Table Top Epoxy Resin Superclear 1 Gallon | 128 oz Kit, Anti-Yellow Highest UV Impact Resistance, Food Grade Safe, Ultra Crystal Clear Gloss, Bubble Free, Bar & Surface Coat, Tumblers, Wood, DIY

FGCI is one of the most well-renowned brands in the epoxy resin market and they continue with their top-quality products with this Superclear Premium epoxy resin kit.

Got different projects of different sizes coming up? FGCI’s resin kit will tackle projects of all sizes and is specially made to combine well with various pigments for a stylish, attractive finish.

Made in the United States, this Superclear pourable resin contains a half-gallon of epoxy resin and a half-gallon of hardener. This should be enough to tackle large wooden structures or tables.

We were very impressed by its self-leveling formula which is designed to protect your wood from UV radiation, scratches, and water.

One common problem with epoxy resin is how it can fade to discolor into a yellow haze after exposure to the sun. This can ruin the overall look of your project. Thankfully, FGCI’s resin is crafted to prevent any yellowing so you can use this in confidence outdoors.

Superclear Premium Pros

  • Excellent self-leveling – Leaves a clear and even surface for a smooth result
  • Easy to clean – Once dried, this epoxy resin is easy to maintain so you can keep your project clean at all times
  • High UV resistance – Safe to use outdoors without the risk of turning yellow

Superclear Premium Cons

  • Difficult to use for beginners – Sticks very easily which can be tricky when trying to pour out

Dr. Crafty Epoxy Resin

DR CRAFTY Clear Epoxy Resin - Table Top Epoxy Resin Kit - 1 Gallon Epoxy Resin for Resin Molds, Table Top, Art Resin, Craft, Jewelry Casting Tools, DIY, Tumblers & Wood - 2 Part Resin Kit Coating

If you’re an artist or woodworker, Dr.Crafty Epoxy Resin may be the ideal product for your needs. Specifically designed for artistic souls and woodworkers, this epoxy resin makes the whole process easier resulting in a high gloss finish.

Included is a 16-ounce bottle of resin with a 16-ounce bottle of hardener to get the job done. If you are a novice with epoxy resin, this product, with an abundance of accessories, will be a great place to start.

Accessories include cups for measuring and pouring, 5 wooden sticks for stirring, and a spatula to even out the resin. This is to be used in a 1:1 ratio meaning mixing everything together will be simple and quick.

You won’t have to worry about any yellowing as Dr.Crafty is resistant to discoloration. Some epoxy resins can be dangerous with harmful chemicals in their formula but this is toxic-free so completely safe to use. For a strong, durable, and UV-resistant epoxy resin, Dr.Crafty is an excellent choice.

Dr. Crafty Epoxy Resin Pros

  • Non-toxic – Completely safe to use around yourself and others
  • Yellow-resistant – Its formula prevents the resin from discoloring and forming an unattractive yellow hue
  • Easy to use – A host of accessories make this one of the best starter epoxy resin kits for beginners

Dr. Crafty Epoxy Resin Cons

  • Take a long time to dry – Can take up to 24 hours to dry which isn’t ideal if you need a job done quickly

West System Epoxy Resin

West System 105-B Epoxy Resin Bundle with 206-B Slow Epoxy Hardener and 300 Mini Pumps Epoxy Metering Pump Set, Pale Yellow

On the lookout for an epoxy resin bundle that offers everything you need for a fantastic wooden finish? The West System Epoxy Resin bundle is an outstanding product including a bottle of epoxy resin, slow epoxy hardener, and three epoxy mastering pumps to get you started quickly for an efficient epoxy resin application.

This resin is extremely versatile and is low in viscosity as well as very strong when hardened. This low viscosity means that the epoxy isn’t too thick to work with and, when applied, sits thinly on your wood’s surface.

You can use this epoxy resin on an array of woodworking projects as well as on boats, composite instructions, bonding, waterproofing, and filling repairs. With this versatility, nothing will stay broken for long!

West System Epoxy Resin doesn’t contain any volatile solvents so your health is not at risk. We were surprised by its high flashpoint too meaning it is less flammable and less hazardous than many on the market.

We loved the fact that there is no strong odor with this resin and its high strength once cured is one of the best we’ve seen.

West System Epoxy Resin Pros

  • Cures at low temperatures – Works well in all climates, even colder temperatures so you can use it all year round
  • No odor – Unlike some epoxy resins that leave a chemical odor in the air, this is odorless and easy to work with
  • Low viscosity – Thinner than many resins on the market for easy use and application

West System Epoxy Resin Cons

  • Poor packaging – The metal box which this is packaged in is prone to leaking when in transport

Incredible Solutions Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear

Promise Epoxy - 1 Gallon Kit of UV Art Formula Crystal Clear Coating Table Top Epoxy Resin with Superior UV Resistant Hard Finish on Tabletop, Countertop, Bar Top, Perfect for DIYers, Home Decor

To get a gorgeous looking tabletop or repair certain cracks in woodwork, you should certainly consider Incredible Solutions Crystal Clear epoxy resin. This is easy to mix and cures in only 6 hours resulting in an ultra-smooth yet hard surface.

It can be difficult to try and understand how to use epoxy resin at first. It’s not always as simple as pouring out the resin and leaving it to sit until the job is done.

You shouldn’t have any problem with Incredible Solutions epoxy resin as it comes with a detailed step-by-step guide to instruct you on how to prepare and apply the product.

Once cured, this resin won’t show up any bubbles on the surface to leave you with a level and glossy finish. Furthermore, this is UV protected so no yellowing should occur on the finished product.

Incredible Solutions Epoxy Resin Pros

  • Crystal clear with no bubbles – Incredible by name, incredible by nature. This epoxy resin leaves a smooth, clear finish to see the woodwork below
  • Easy to use – Included instructions help guide you through the whole process for easy use
  • Highly durable – This is impact resistant as well as scratch-resistant and waterproof when cured resulting in a long-lasting, protective product 

Incredible Solutions Epoxy Resin Cons

  • Bubbles can occur when mixing – These bubbles can leave unsightly lumps in the finished product so thorough mixing is required for a level surface

Better Boat Crystal Clear Resin

Craft Resin Epoxy Resin Kit for Beginners with Resin Molds, Table Top Art Resin Jewelry Casting DIY Tumblers & Wood 1 Gallon 2 Part Resin Epoxy Kit Resin Supplies Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin Art Boat

Made right here in the USA, Better Boat epoxy resin is just one outstanding product in a long line of first-class resins made by the brand.

This resin is premium in quality and holds up to the highest market standards so you can be safe in the knowledge that this epoxy resin will always get the job done properly.

It is always useful to find an epoxy resin that is multi-purpose to save money on buying other products and this is exactly what Better Boat resin is.

You can use this on a range of projects from tabletops to art purposes. One thing you will always end up with is a smooth, hardened, and crystal clear finish.

River tables have become very popular over the past few years for their distinct and artistic design. If you wish to make your own river table, Better Boat resin is the best choice for you. This is because it provides a high gloss with crystal clear coating which is ultra-hard for long-lasting use.

Don’t be afraid to restore worn old surfaces too with this resin as this can bring the dullest tables to life.

Better Boat Crystal Clear Resin Pros

  • Ideal for tabletops and artwork – Versatile epoxy resin which is highly suited to a whole range of projects to keep you busy
  • Works easily with foam – Can be used with other materials to save you money on buying products just suited to those components
  • Leaves no yellowing – Its UV-resistant nature means no yellowing should occur, even after exposure to the sun over a long time

Better Boat Crystal Clear Resin Cons

  • Takes a long time to harden – This can leave you frustrated as you may have to wait for a day before your project is ready

Specialty Clear Epoxy Resin

Specialty Resin & Chemical Epox-It 80 (1 Gal) Clear Epoxy Resin Kit for Beginners & Experts| Clear Epoxy Coating for Bar Top, Countertop, Tabletop| Crystal Clear formula for Jewelry, Art, & Laminating

For those of you who have a budget in mind, Speciality Clear Epoxy Resin is a great affordable option. Despite its cheaper price tag, there is no compromise when it comes to quality and durability.

The finish that Speciality epoxy resin provides is hard to achieve with most others on the market. However, you may have to get your hands dirty as this is a little trickier to use than most epoxy resins.

Therefore, if you’re an advanced user of resin, you shouldn’t have a problem with this but beginners may have to spend some extra time getting to grips with it.

Waiting for epoxy resins to dry can be frustrating and sometimes leave bubbles forming on the surface. With Speciality epoxy resin, it dries 10 minutes faster than regular epoxy resins in only 40 minutes.

This can be troublesome for some beginners as it can dry too quickly to gain an even coat. Once cured though, you will be left with a high gloss that is UV protected with a highly durable finish.

Specialty Clear Epoxy Resin Pros

  • Works well on large surface areas – Offers a good flow so you can use this resin on larger tabletops or wooden surfaces
  • FDA-graded food safety features – Safe to have your dinner on so it is ideal for indoor family furniture
  • No bubbles – Just takes a short 4 minutes to stir and all bubbles disappear so you can apply evenly and smoothly

Specialty Clear Epoxy Resin Cons

  • Short curing time – For some, this is no problem but this cuts down the working time on the resin which can be hard to level off
  • Harder to use than some – May take some time to get used to for beginners

Stone Coat Countertops Epoxy Resin

No products found.

One of the top coatings for protecting a wood surface is Stone Coat Countertops Epoxy Resin. As the name suggests, this can be used on stone surfaces as well as wood so you can save money on having to buy epoxy resin for another project in the future.

Stone Coat epoxy resin is tough, waterproof, and versatile. Its finish is impressively hard and resistant to impacts and denting. It also resists heat with great effect which can be very handy if you have to use it in a kitchen environment.

Not only is this ideal for woodworkers but it provides an opportunity to become creative. If you wish to, you can easily dye this epoxy to any color you want to make artistic designs or completely transform a tabletop.

Nonetheless, this epoxy resin’s main purpose is to protect your wood or stone surface from water damage as well as UV rays.

Stone Coat Countertops Epoxy Resin Pros

  • Water-resistant – Protects countertops and various surfaces from water damage
  • Multi-purpose – Can be used for DIY projects as well as creative purposes
  • Heat and UV-resistant layer – Suitable for use with hot objects such as stoves in the kitchen as well as outdoor use under the sun’s radiation

Stone Coat Countertops Epoxy Resin Cons

  • Must be mixed to a precise amount – The epoxy and hardener has been hard to mix for some as it has to mixed to an exact amount to work perfectly

Epoxy Resin Buyer’s Guide

Before you invest in epoxy resin for wood, there are important factors to take into consideration.

Below are some of the key aspects and features to look out for when using epoxy resin on wood.


Viscosity means the thickness of the epoxy resin and these can vary from one resin to the next. The reason epoxy resins have different viscosity is that many are used for specific purposes. One resin with a high viscosity won’t suit a product that requires a low viscosity.

It is quite easy to understand the difference between different viscosity levels. High-viscosity epoxies are thicker while low-viscosity products are thinner. You need to consider which is best for your project.

Thicker epoxies tend to result in a richer and glossier finish but these can take time to cure (dry). If the epoxy resin layers are too thick, air bubbles won’t be able to escape in time so once the layer has dried, you could be left with bubbles popping out of the finished surface. If this occurs, try heating the surface with a blow dryer gently to try and remove them.

Thinner epoxies don’t offer the same effect but if you don’t want a shiny product, lower viscosity products would be the way to go. There is always the option of adding multiple layers of low-viscosity epoxy if preferred too but some air bubbles may still occur.

The viscosity of the epoxy resin is also affected by different temperatures. Many products are labeled with recommended temperatures when in use or when in storage. Most epoxies will get thicker in colder environments so ensure your epoxy resin is in a suitable space.


It is important to consider how your product will be used once you have applied epoxy resin. If you intend to use it near or for food, the epoxy resin must be food safe. This will be signified by a food-safe label.

Most epoxies contain a mixture of Epichlorohydrin and Bisphenol-A. Neither is completely safe to use and can cause some health concerns. If you are using epoxy resin on food surfaces such as countertops, look for a “BPA-free label”.

If you can’t see this, look at the bottom of the epoxy bottle and search for the numbers 5, 4, or 2. If these are present, they should be free of BPA. There are other chemicals included in epoxy resin formulas so it is recommended that you always read the label before using it.


Yellowing can occur to many resins after exposure to the sun’s UV rays.

While most companies try and design clear epoxy resin, some don’t stay clear and become yellow after some time.

Many manufacturers claim their product has a non-yellowing formula but this isn’t always true. It is worth reading previous customer’s reviews to see if the product is as it is advertised.

Yellowing is a major concern for artistic purposes but if you are using it for some repair work, it may not be visible once it has cured.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is epoxy resin scratch-resistant?

Most epoxy resins will resist scratching and scuff marks. Epoxy resin is basically a strong glue that dries and leaves a hard, durable finish. Thicker layers will be more scratch-resistant.

To get the best durable result, it is recommended you add extra layers to be on the safe side.

Can you use epoxy resins as wood sealers?

Most epoxy resins are remarkably water-resistant. Even those that don’t offer as much water-protection can be as effective with multiple layers applied.

You should leave the coats dry between different layers so the epoxy has more time to seep into certain pores of the wood for protection.

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