The Best Welding Hand Tools – A List Of Handy Tools Every Metal Fabrication Shop Should Have (TOOLS CATEGORY)

1.) High speed twist drill set   MUST

2.) Set of “C” clamps  MUST   

3.) Set of “C” type locking pliers  MUST

7.) Metal Square MUST 

8.) set of tape measures  MUST 

9.) Socket wrench set ¼”, 3/8”, ½” , ¾”  MUST   

10.) Set of box end wrenches MUST   

11.) set of allen wrench set MUST  

12.) 6” bench vice with swivel base  MUST   

13.) Complete set of screwdrivers   MUST

14.) set of adjustable wrenches MUST

16.) set of metal files MUST 

17.) eye, ear protection, respirators and hard hat  MUST 




18.) Emergency & first aid safety box  MUST  

20.) Set of hammers  MUST

24.) tap & die set MUST

30.) Metal snips  MUST

33.) Magnetic welding holders & squares MUST

35.) 2 wheel dolly MUST

39.) Fire extinguishers  MUST

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