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6 Cool Go Kart Plans To Build On A Budget

Build your dream go-kart with these 6 easy-to-follow plans. From vintage-inspired to rugged off-road designs, there’s something for everyone.

Grab your tools and get ready for your karting adventure!

1. Basic Go-Kart Plan

Kart Plans Free go kart plans

This basic Go-Kart plan is all about simplicity and fun. It doesn’t have any fancy or complicated features.

Instead, it’s a no-frills design that focuses on the essentials – a strong frame, big tires, and a reliable engine. The result is a kart that’s easy to build and great to drive.

The exposed frame and lack of bodywork give it a raw, rugged look that screams “off-road adventure.”

You’ll feel like you’re driving a machine that’s built for action, not just for show. And without all the extras, there’s less to worry about when you’re bouncing over rough terrain.

Building this go-kart is a great project for anyone. You don’t need to be a master welder or have a fully equipped garage. If you can measure, cut, and bolt things together, you have the skills to build this kart.

The plans are clear and easy to follow, so you’ll be cruising off-road in no time. And the best thing is you can customize the way you want. Maybe you want to paint the frame a cool color or add some stickers. There are lots of possibilities!

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2. Viper Off-Road Blue Go-Kart Plan

viper off road go kart plans

If you’re ready to tackle tougher terrain, the Viper OffRoad go-kart project is the one for you. This rugged design is built to handle the challenges of off-road driving.

With its knobby tires, high ground clearance, and sturdy frame, this kart is comfortable on all terrains – be it on dirt, gravel, or grass.

The genius of this go-kart is in the extra-tough construction. The frame is made from strong metal tubing that can take a beating.

The thick, textured tires provide excellent traction and absorb bumps for a smoother ride.

Another great feature is the cool blue color scheme. The powder-coated frame and matching seats create a look that really pops. You’ll definitely stand out from the pack when you’re tearing up the terrain in your bright blue Viper OffRoad machine.

Building this go-kart isn’t too difficult if you have some basic tools and skills. You’ll need to measure, cut, and connect the frame tubes, but the plans guide you through each step.

Assembling the engine, brakes, and other components takes some patience, but it’s really GREAT to see your kart come together.

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3. Speedy Viper ST/STX Go-Kart Plan

viper st go kart plans

The Speedy Viper ST/STX go-kart plan is an exciting design that will get your heart racing. It’s shaped like a real race car, with a cool yellow and black color scheme that looks fast even when it’s standing still. This design will make you feel like a true racing champion.

What’s great about the Speedy Viper is the strong, sturdy frame. It’s built tough to handle the bumps and turns of off-road karting. You’ll be able to zoom over all sorts of terrain without worrying about your go-kart falling apart.

Another awesome feature is the comfy seat. You’ll be able to drive for hours without your body getting tired or sore. When you’re comfortable in the driver’s seat, you can fully enjoy the thrill of racing down the track or trail.

Putting together your own Speedy Viper is a fun project that will teach you a ton about how go-karts work. Plus, you’ll end up with a really cool kart that you can enjoy for years. The step-by-step plans make it easy to build, even if you’ve never made a go-kart before.

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4. Vintage Go Kart Plan

vintage go kart plans

You’re going to love this vintage go-kart plan. It takes you back to the early days of karting with a classic look that’s sure to get attention. This vintage-style design captures the spirit of those original go-karts from back in the day.

The sleek, aerodynamic body shape is what makes this vintage kart so unique. It’s got that cool retro vibe with the number and decals, just like the real deal from years ago. And check out those exposed wheels – they’re a signature of the original go-kart style.

Don’t worry if you’re new to building go-karts. This vintage plan is perfect for beginners because the design is really simple and easy to put together. You’ll have great fun constructing your own classic kart from scratch.

Get ready for some serious excitement when you take your finished vintage kart for a ride.

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5. Viper 2-Seater Off-Road Go-Kart Plan

viper 2 seater off road go kart plans

The Viper 2 Seater Go Kart plan is perfect when you want to share the fun of karting with a buddy.

This cool design lets two people ride together, side by side. The bright red frame and sleek silver bars create an awesome look that everyone will enjoy.

What makes this go-kart special is the wider frame that fits two seats. You and a buddy can cruise around together, chatting and laughing as you drive. Karting is always more fun with friends, and this design lets you share those fun moments.

You’ll also like how strong and stable this go-kart is. With two people on board, you need a kart that can handle the extra weight. The Viper 2 Seater has a tough frame that’s up to the job. You’ll feel safe and secure as you zip around, even on rough ground.

Building this go-kart is a great weekend project especially when you’re working on it as a team. You don’t need to be an expert mechanic – just follow the clear plan instructuctions and work together.

With two people on the job, you’ll be done in no time. Plus, you’ll make great memories as you build your kart from the ground up.

Once your Viper 2 Seater is finished, the real excitement begins. Hop in with your karting buddy and get ready for an unforgettable ride.

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6. Multiple Go-Kart Plans All-In-One

multiple go kart plans

If you’ve always wanted to build your own go-kart, this special set of plans is perfect for you. It comes with 7 different designs, so you can choose the one that fits your style.

The plans include both non-suspended and suspended karts. If you’re just starting out, the non-suspended designs are a great choice. They’re easy to build and don’t need any fancy parts. But if you want a smoother ride, the rear-suspended models are the way to go.

Two standout designs are the Viper ST and STX. These karts have a cool, race-inspired look that’s sure to turn heads. And don’t worry if you’ve never built anything before.

Each plan comes with clear, step-by-step instructions that anyone can follow. You’ll learn valuable skills like measuring, cutting, and assembling as you work on your kart.

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Final Thoughts

So why not give these Go-Kart plans a try?

You can either go with the first five separate Go-Kart plans or choose the last, all-in-one pack.

Remember, basic DIY skills and equipment is all you need to work on these projects.

Interested in exploring more DIY, woodworking, and metalworking plans? Check out our shop to find a wide variety of plans and ideas to get inspired for your next project.

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