1500 Gallon 2 Compartment Septic Tank Form


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Septic Tank Plans – Septic Tank Form Molds
Septic Tank Plans, Molds, Septic Tank Form Plans, build multiple sizes from Septic Tank Plans, single to multiple compartment, 1 piece design, download Septic Tank Form Plans and start building today.? Build yourself or have the forms built for you by a local metal fabrication business.
1500 Gallon Septic Tank Form Plans – 2 Compartment
Precast Concrete Steel Forms
We have many Septic Tank Plans to choose from!

Septic Tank Plans – Septic Tank Form Plans
Septic Tank Specifications:

69″ wide x 145″ long x 60″ high
1,000 gallon and 500 gallon compartments
3″ walls – 3″ bottom 4″ cover
45″ liquid level 8″ airspace
51″ inlet invert 48″outlet invert
cover = 3,500 lbs
tank = 9,300 lbs


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