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Bead Seater Plans for seating tubless tires on cars, trucks, ATVs & buses
Plans to build a Tubeless Tire Bead Seater,
Tire Blaster, AKA Cheetah, Tire Cannon
Save yourself hundreds of dollars $$$$$$
Have you ever?thought about buying a bead seating tool, but thought they cost way too much money?? Well, don’t?buy one of those expensive blasters!? Instead, build a tire bead blaster?out of?junkyard scrap or curbside scavenged?junk for virtually FREE!
The?bead seaters pictured in this listing were built in?2 hours each!

These tools are a must for seating the beads on tubless tires, especially if you use a manual tire machine or maybe an older rim clamp machine without air blast.? Maybe you run a stock car?or enduro?and change your tires in the pits using?tire irons.? This baby would come in real handy for seating those beads and get you back in the race faster.
You can build a cheap effective tire seater?and this manual?shows you how.? Built from scrapyard materials and scavenged parts that you may run across every day!? If you can find all the parts for nothing, which is quite possible, you would only have the investment in the manual as your cost (plus your time)!!!? If you can’t find the parts in the junk or off the curb,?the parts are not even near the cost of?the blasters?that you see here on ebay!
The?17 page manual has step?by step instructions, jam packed with reference photos?on how to build a bead?seater out of an old propane cylinder (purged of gas of course…..the plans tell you how to purge).?? Well worth the $9.99 to find out how to do this!
I have?found the small cylinders off of an old barbeque grill sitting on the curb because they have the old style valves.? The information can be adapted to just about any type of tank.? Comes with pictures for every step of the construction.
The manual also shows pictures of a bead seater being built from a standard?portable air tank.
These bead seaters will work on any size of tire from an ATV to commercial truck tires,? automotive and golf tires, even tractor tires.? Virtually any type of tubeless tire.? Quick, easy and simple to build and operate.
Fabrication requires basic mechanical ability and moderate cutting & welding skills.? This?would be a?great shop project for school classes.
This manual is presented in PDF format, so Adobe Acrobat is required to view the files.


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