Build A Smoker Grill


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You Too Can Smoke Your Own Food
This 56-page e-book comes complete with imperial and metric scale drawings together with easy to follow work instructions for you to build your own smoker. With photographs at every stage, tips, and techniques and a full bill of materials, this project is really easy to work through.
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Prepare your favorite BBQ ribs or pulled pork in your very own hot smokehouse, make your own jerky, you can even cold smoked fish and cheese. These plans have been prepared by BBQ smoker enthusiast Paul Yates and are fully backed up with his comprehensive website of smoker recipes so not only can you have the satisfaction of building your own smoker there’s plenty of help on hand to guide you through the cookout too!

DIY Smoker Plans Specifications

4 ft high – 2 ft Width – 20″ Deep
Total cooking area = 588 sq inches together with a provision to hang fish for cold smoking.
Build for about half the price of a comparable smoker
Easy to follow the guide
No welding

The unit is built from wood and internally clad with a fireproof board, all materials are readily available at your local lumber yard and fixtures and fittings from


DIY Homemade Smoker