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Make a Vacuum Desiccator – How To Dry Out Cell Phones

Drop a cell phone in a water puddle, sink full of dish water or even the toilet! Days later if it dries out, it still won’t work correctly. This is because even though you dried the water out of it, the dissolved substances in the water are left behind when the water evaporates.

Dry out most cell phones in 1 hour or less!

Mike from Michigan?shows you the device he built which will not only dry phones out in 1 hour or less, but he explains how to get past the dissolved substances problem. If you?don’t get rid of the dissolved substances it changes the delecate electrical ballance between the components on the circuit board.? Grab an old mason jar, take a trip to the local scrap yard and start drying out your phone.

BUT DON’T WAIT. If your phone gets wet now it will be too late. This idea can possibly be scaled up to include laptops but the pdf only deals with cell phones.

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