Hitch Lift Plans – Tailgate Lift










Have you ever thought about buying one of those expensive hitch lifts, but didn’t want to fork out the hundreds of dollars that they want for a new one?  Instead build a super great hitch lift out of junkyard scrap or curbside scavenged junk!  The hitch lift pictured in this listing was built in a day and a half!
You too can build a cheap effective hitch lift and this manual & blueprint package shows you how.  Built from scrapyard materials and scavenged parts that you may run across every day!  If you can find all the parts for nothing, which is quite possible, you would only have the investment in the manual as your cost (plus your time)!!!   If you can’t find the parts in the junk, off the curb, or wherever, you can always purchase some steel and still save hundreds of dollars!
This is a set of plans to build your very own, low cost hitch lift.  This manual has 45 pages with informational instructions, photos and drawings on how to build a back saving lift out of old steel that you may have laying around.
I have found scrap steel at local auctions many times or at the local salvage yard and even on the curb.  The hitch lift pictured can easily lift 500 lbs.  Also included in the manual are options to increase the lift capacity.
I needed a lift like this to load 55 gallon barrels of used oil into my truck for use in my waste oil burner.  I am sure that you will find this lift useful to load a variety of items into your truck that are just too heavy to lift alone or even with help.   Things like tree trunks, motorcycles, lawn mowers, tillers, wind turbine parts, tractor weights, scrap iron & steel, engine blocks, rear ends, tractor parts, large tires, grubbed out shrubbery, chunks of cement…..and the list goes on for it usefulness!!

Plans include detailed CAD drawings, 3D drawings and jam packed with reference photos.  Fabrication requires basic to moderate mechanical ability and moderate cutting/welding skills.  This would be a great shop project for school classes.
This manual is presented in PDF format, so Adobe Acrobat is required to view the files.  Adobe Acrobat is Free as well and can be downloaded at www.adobe.com