Irish Mail Cart Plans


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Irish Mail Pedal Car or “Rowing Cart”
and Ice Snow Cart Plans
Enjoy the outdoors with the rowing cart, (one of the plans included in this plan set). Run some errands, tour around the neighborhood and more while Rowing on Wheels.? Travel on a unique vehicle that will exercise your body in a different fashion from the standard bicycle.
Rowing is a great source of exercise.? Unfortunately, most of us do not live next to water, or have access to a row boat to enjoy the great outdoors while we exercise.? Indoor rowing machines, while effective, are boring to use.? The Irish Mail Cart is a traditional vehicle that offers an excellent solution.
5 Different Plan Sets Included in this package:
? Exploded view and instructions on building an irish mail cart – (rowing cart)
? Arctic Outboard – Irish Mail Type Vehicle Plans For Ice and Snow
? Ice Scooter Plans
? Row Sled Plans
? Children’s Pump Car Plans
While some of the plans are designed with children in mind, each can easily be scaled for any size person. With a little ingenuity, and some mixing and matching of components, anyone can come up with a whole new slant on these vehicles.
Welding and pipe bending is involved in the basic Irish Mail design, which uses light weight tubing and bicycle parts.? The other plans are all simple carpentry.
Once built, you will be scooting around and enjoying the workout for hours on end.