Oil Drum BBQ


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How To Build A Oil Drum BBQ

Make your own BBQ from an Oil Drum

38 Detailed pages of plans that show you exactly how to build this BBQ Grill and Rotisserie.? These are Plans for Building a Charcoal Grill. With this grill you will be able to grill on it, Rotisserie up to 2 full-sized Turkeys at once, you can even cook indirectly, add wood chips and smoke your favorite fish!!? Portable to bring anywhere you want!? Plans show individual piece part drawings for ease of building. The Plans for Building a BBQ Grill – Plans for Building a Charcoal Grill & ROTISSERIE are very detailed, unlike other vague information you find on the internet.

These plans for Building a Charcoal Grill. Are a great way to make extra money. We have built and sold many of these over the years.? Many parts can be obtained locally for FREE.? Once people taste the Rotisserie Food from this grill they will want one for themselves. Make extra money in your spare time! 

Purchase these Plans for Building a BBQ Grill for only $4.95 and start building today.? We are here to help if you have questions or need help during construction!
This unit is made from any 55-gallon steel drum. The rotisserie shaft is made from stainless steel and has a rotation of approx. 2 RPM. This allows for evenly grilled food.

Build a Charcoal Grill and ROTISSERIE, Portable, Grill ANYWHERE! How to Build a BBQ Grill, download plans, build today! 

Specifications on Plans for Building a 55 Gallon BBQ Grill

38 pages of detailed step by step plans
Free email or phone support
Many people source out parts for FREE locally
Excellent For All Types Of Meat!
Easy To Use!!
Make extra money in your spare time
Detailed Plans Include Where To Get Some Parts FREE!
Plans include how to build & use with either 110V or 12V for remote use at your cabin, shack, tailgating party, or wherever!

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