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This is a very unique, high quality recreational, leisure vehicle.  Building a Pedal Car has many advantages over traditional vehicles – bicycles, tandems, adult tricycles or golf carts.  It’s uses are limited only by one’s imagination.  Enjoy the outdoors at home, a cottage or a resort.  A Car Bike has commercial applications as well.  It can be used as a multipurpose utility vehicle or golf cart, for instance.  The plans show how to create a 1 seat, 2 seat, or truck version of the unique CAR BIKE.? The pedal powered CAR BIKE promotes physical fitness and good health as well as cleaner air for all.
Plans include:
Working drawings,
Parts list,
Full build instructions.
Alternative part sources are also explored to help you build the car of your dreams.
Constructed of a strong, lightweight 2 inch welded metal frame, the design offers strength and versatility.? 20″ or 24″ Bicycle or tricycle parts make up the bulk of the hardware, and are readily available both new and used.? You can take these plans and turn your personal CAR BIKE into any style of vehicle? you want.
The finished product is lots of fun.? Everyone will be wanting to take your unique CAR BIKE for a ride.
Common Hand Tools – Wrenches – Socket Set – Vice Grips – Pliers? – Screwdrivers – Hacksaw -? welding equipment (either rented if you are able to weld, or take frame to a welding shop.)