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Have you ever thought about buying a sandblaster, but were confused on what was the best blaster??  Well, don’t bother buying one of those expensive sandblasters! Instead build a super rust remover, rust shredding monster out of junkyard scrap or curbside scavenged junk!
The blaster pictured in this listing was built in a day!
If you want to see how fast this blaster is, then check out the pictures at the end of this listing (the picture above is before it was blasted).  I blasted this whole blaster in less than 15 minutes. That was removing over 2 layers of paint & primer plus the rust.
You can build a cheap effective sandblaster and this manual & blueprint package shows you how.  Built from scrapyard materials and scavenged parts that you may run across every day!  If you can find all the parts for nothing, which is quite possible, you would only have the investment in the manual as your cost (plus your time)!!!  If you can’t find the parts in the junk, off the curb, or wherever the manual tells you where you can buy them.
This is a set of plans to build your very own, low cost pressure assisted sandblaster.  The 67 page manual has step by step instructions, photos and drawings on how to build a sandblaster out of an old propane cylinder (purged of gas of course…..the plans tell you how to purge).  Well worth the $ to find out how to do this!
I have bought these cylinders at local auctions many times for less than 50 cents.  You can even use a small cylinder off of an old barbeque grill if you want a smaller blaster.  Many times these are free sitting on the curb because they have the old style valves.
Use whatever tank you have available that will hold the pressure that you can generate with your compressor.  The information can be adapted to just about any type of tank.  Comes with pictures for every step of the construction.
The blaster pictured holds 275 lbs. of sand.  This provides for hours of non-stop sandblasting.  I have run over 7000 lbs of sand through this blaster and never had a problem with it……no clogged lines or manifolds, just an endless supply of sand and air for your sandblasting enjoyment!
Use this blaster to remove heavy rust deposits on steel before and after welding (arc, MIG, TIG) prior to painting, this works great when using scrap materials, scrapyard iron or doing a repair job on some rusty or heavily painted equipment.  Cleans down to the bare metal, or you can just etch the surface for good paint adhesion.  Could also be used to etch designs in glass, remove heavy layers of paint on metal, brick or concrete, use it for vehicle restoration, tractor or backhoe or construction equipment or trailer restoration (works great on cast iron & aluminum too), bicycle restoration, motorcycle restoration, machinery restoration.  Easily removes chrome plating from wheels or rims before re-plating.  Whether you are blasting parts for a John Deere, Case, Massey Ferguson, Oliver, Allis Chalmers or Minneapolis Moline, this blaster will remove the rust & paint on any of them! The possibilities are endless.
It is capable of blasting a variety of abrasive media including sand, glass beads, coal slag (black beauty), granite abrasives, walnut shells or husks, baking soda, plastic beads and the list goes on.
Includes information on obtaining parts and modifications to those parts to build a sandblast nozzle holder that uses the larger ceramic nozzles that last a very long time. Also includes information regarding hoses that last forever (I’ve never had to replace one yet).

If you already have a siphon feed sandblaster and it’s not meeting your expectations…..not a problem, the plans show how you can convert that into a pressure feed unit as well, virtually eliminating that sand surge effect.  Maybe you have a blast cabinet with a siphon feed unit inside,… is your chance to upgrade it! 

Plans include detailed CAD drawings, 3D drawings and jam packed with reference photos.  That’s a total of 67 pages….for only around 15 cents a page!
Fabrication requires basic to moderate mechanical ability and moderate cutting/welding skills.  This would be a great shop project for school classes.
Make A Sandblaster Today!
This manual is presented in PDF format, so Adobe Acrobat is required to view the files.  Adobe Acrobat is Free as well and can be downloaded at

Required Purchased Parts For:

DIY Pressurized Sandblaster (From Reclaimed Materials)

NOTE: Does not include steel and other general parts that can be purchased locally. These are included in the DIY Sandblaster Plans PDF Download.