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Build a Backlit Full-Color Acrylic or Plasma Cut Solar Powered Sign

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How to Make a LED Sign

Complete plans, information, and parts on how to make either acrylic or plasma cut backlit sign for business or residence.

The complete plans/guide show you everything including how we display it in the photos.  Build either backlit full-color acrylic display type signs for outdoors or backlit CNC plasma cut metal signs as shown in the pictures.

See the required purchased parts tab for the purchased parts on this project.

Plans Include Information on:

  • Full-Color Backlit Acrylic Signs
  • Backlit CNC Plasma Cut Signs

Backlit Solar LED Sign Design Download:

  • Solar Panel Charges Battery
  • Info on hooking up your photocell with timer
  • Complete building material list for mounting sign
  • Turns on at night and runs off the solar-charged battery
  • Displays in bright full color and grabs attention

Earn extra money building and selling these unique signs in your spare time.

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DIY Solar LED Signs for Outdoors

We have been making these for years now. The downloadable Solar LED Sign Plans to include how to make Outdoor full-color solar led sign as well as an Outdoor Solar LED Plasma cut backlit sign. We recommend the purchased products below as we have excellent results in inclement weather including Winter.

Our simple to build outdoor solar signs can be used for residential, business, real estate and many more. Stand out from the crowd and build your own outdoor solar lit signs.

Required Purchase Parts For Completing the LED Full Color Acrylic or Plasma Cut Metal Backlit Sign
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