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Free DXF Files For Plasma Cutting (CNC Designs)

Check out all of our Free DXF Files we offer for download at no cost to you.  We were in the Metal Fabrication business for years and mainly used our plasma cutter for production parts. Still, we found time to design our own CNC plasma table projects (as well as designing and building all types of our own Metal Fabrication equipment).

Here is the current list of custom-designed Free Files we currently offer at no charge.

15 Free DXF Files for CNC Plasma Cutting

  1. Compass
  2. Hot Rod Parking Only Mustang
  3. Hot Rod Parking Only Cadillac
  4. Religious Fisher of Men
  5. Warning Home Protected By Wireless Device
  6. Free Idiot Test $5
  7. Frankenstein DXF
  8. Frankenstein Happy Halloween
  9. Free Merry Christmas DXF
  10. Night Cap Sign (Great For Backlighting)
  11. Exceeding Limits of My Medication
  12. No Peein’ Off The Porch
  13. No Peein’ Off Deck
  14. Soup of the day
  15. BONUS – Free Merry Christmas Files — Separate Download

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free dxf files
Compass Design CNC Plasma Free DXF File
mustang car free dxf files
Ford Mustang Hot Rod Sign Free DXF File
cadillac free dxf files
Classic Cadillac Hot Rod Sign Free DXF File
religious free dxf files
Fisher of Men sign Free DXF file.
warning humorous free dxf files
Home Protection Funny Sign Free DXF File
idiot test sign free dxf files
Humorous Idiot Test Sign Free DXF File
frankenstein free dxf files
Frankenstein Sign Design Free DXF File
halloween free dxf files
Happy Halloween Frankenstein Sign Design Free DXF File
merry christmas free dxf file
Merry Christmas Sign Design Free DXF File
man cave free dxf files
Night Cap Sign Free DXF File
funny free dxf files
Funny Sign Free DXF Design File
porch sign free dxf files
Funny Porch Sign Design Free DXF File
peein off deck free dxf files
Funny Deck Sign Design Free DXF File
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Compass Free DXF Design

free dxf files

Approximate cut size – 18 inches tall.

Designed for easy cutting, great item to sell to your customer base for both outside and inside.

Click download to get it NOW! Or scroll down the page to download ALL 13!

Mustang Hot Rod Free DXF File

mustang car free dxf files

Approximate cut size – 30 inches tall.

One of kind original art makes a great seller to car enthusiasts for game rooms, businesses, garages and more. 

Vintage Cadillac Free DXF File

cadillac free dxf files

Cut size approximately 30 inches tall. (Same as the Mustang)

These could also have a stake mounted to them or mounted on a post for outside use.

Religious Free DXF File

religious free dxf files

Designed to cut – 24 “ w x 15 “ h

People love Religious signs and sayings for hanging on the wall. This is a simple design, easy to cut out with Cross and Fish symbol.

Warning Home Protected Free DXF File

warning humorous free dxf files

Designed for a minimum cut size of 12″ w x 8″ h

The sign has a simple design but is very popular among many. Because of the simple design and smaller size its easy to cut out and the price is right for cutting and selling a lot of these.

Free DXF File – Idiot Test Sign

idiot test sign free dxf files

Designed for cutting 15″ w x 5″ h

Another simple but popular design that won’t break your bank or your customers if you are creating and selling these. Popular and funny for either home or business decor.

Free Frankenstein DXF Design

frankenstein free dxf files

Realistic Frankenstein Bust with text.

16.5″ w x 20″ h Cut Size.

Includes a DXF Outline for cutting out a background which makes a great backlit sign if you wanted.

Free DXF File Happy Halloween Frankenstein

halloween free dxf files

The same Frankenstein design but with different Happy Halloween text. Also has the same DXF background.

Same Cut Size of 16.5″ w x 20″ h

Free Merry Christmas DXF File

merry christmas free dxf file

Designed for cutting 24″ w x 14″ h. Fun script style lettering design that looks great for Christmastime!

Night Cap Bar Sign Free DXF File

man cave free dxf files

Overall cut size of 9“ w x 16” h

This one could easily be backlit with these inexpensive LED lights (from Amazon)

Funny Medication Sign Free DXF File

funny free dxf files

17” w x 14” h Cut Size

Another humorous design that everyone can appreciate. Great for business, home office, or anywhere else for people to see and get a laugh from.

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Peein’ Off Porch Sign Free DXF File

porch sign free dxf files

Overall cut size = 17″ w x 8.5″ h

One of those funny signs and sayings people like to post for a good laugh, there is always a comedian in the crowd and this is a perfect gift for them

Peein’ Off Deck Free DXF Design

peein off deck free dxf files

Same size as previous = 17″ w x 8.5″ h

Its almost the same but what if you have a deck? Now you can let the customer pick their style.

Soup Of The Day Free DXF File

Overall height designed to cut at 16 inches

Great for bars, game rooms and more. Cut a solid back piece and light it up with some simple LED lights like this Amazon LED strip here with switch, cut it to size.

FREE Christmas DXF File

free Christmas cnc dxf files
Free Merry Christmas DXF & SVG w/without Holly

Designed to cut out approximately 16 inches wide. Includes FREE DXF & SVG of Merry Christmas Files With and Without Holly!

Christmas CNC DXF Files Plus Soup of the Day Instant downloadBy Clicking This Link Here!

Our Free CNC Plasma DXF Designs

When we first got into DXF design, we noticed one truth. That is that it can be difficult to find decent, unique one of a kind different completed files. I mean, converting line art into a DXF file isn’t the most difficult task, but if you aren’t an artist or a mechanical CAD designer (or have limited time and human resources), finding quality art in the first place can be a real challenge.

Here at Gizmo Plans, we wanted to help you out by giving you some unique custom designs for free. These designs can be cut and sold as is or incorporated into other projects.

Be sure to share photos of your completed plasma cut projects by contacting us so we can post them in our photo gallery here to inspire others. We will even link back to you if you want to give your shop some exposure.

Here is a great video to check out to explain importing DXF files and how offsets work if you are starting to learn CNC Plasma Cutting.

YouTube video

What is a DXF File?

Most of you know what a DXF file is. But for those who don’t, we’ll discuss this in depth on our DXF Files for use on CNC machines here.

What are the Advantages of Vector Graphics?

As mentioned, DXF Files are open-source, vector-based files giving different businesses/developers the ability to exchange and make use of the created files for collaboration. Vector files are sometime

As a whole, vector graphics or files can be enlarged and manipulated without losing quality because they are created with a series of lines and points which create shapes. Vector files are commonly used in artwork or logos because they can be scaled up or down in size without losing quality or being distorted. Vector graphics are also smaller files, taking up less disk space as pixels do.

What Software will open DXF Files?

Here are just a few differ types of software that will allow you to open and edit .dxf files that are popular when using for CNC editing.

  • Inkscape
  • AutoCAD
  • Fusion 360

Best Air Filter For CNC Machine – Cutting Tip

When you are busy day in and day out, the outside environment changes (like slight humidity change) and sometimes you don’t realize it. The environment can create problems for making good clean cuts.

As a whole, the best air filter for CNC machines has a good inline air dryer like this QC3 Camair filter and dryer here which is highly rated amongst many plasma cutters.

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