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25 Gift Ideas For Welders: What We’d Wish You Got Us!

Welding is a hobby that requires a lot of equipment. Not only do you need your working gear, but you also need safety equipment and/or other tools to make the job efficient.

This list contains twenty-five excellent gifts that any welder would love. If you are shopping for a beginner or an experienced welder, you can’t go wrong with any of these! If you are at a loss on what to buy we have some unique gift ideas that may spark your interest!

Instapark ADF Series GX990T Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding HelmetWelding: It's Like Sewing With Fire | Funny Welder, Repairman Unisex T-ShirtWelding Skills, Processes and Practices for Entry-Level Welders: Book 1Klutch Steel Welding Table with Tool KitKASTFORCE Portable Welding Table
Sheet Metal-Wire Gauge, Ruler, Keychain Welder Gag Gifts Coffee MugWelding Hats Strong Hand Tools Torpedo Mag-levelAdjust-O Magnet Square
Northern Industrial Welders Magnetic Ground ClampKlutch 2-Tier Welding Cart with Locking CabinetWelding Jacket by Gravel GearStrong Hand Tools 4-In-1 Utility Clamping SystemKlutch 2-Axis Welding Angle Clamp
Non-Oscillating Pedestal FanLincoln Electric Straight-Head Chipping HammerArc Welding Rod CaseIrwin Vise-Grip Locking C-Clamp Pliers with Regular TipsWelding Sleeves
Irwin Vise-Grip Pliers — 4-Pc. SetKeter Cantilever-Style OrganizerIronton 1-Drawer Tool CartMilwaukee M18 Jobsite RadioWelding Gloves

1. Instapark ADF Series GX990T Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Does your welder use the old fashioned, manual helmet? Does he or she need a new one? The auto-dimming helmet from Insta park is a fantastic upgrade! Check out current pricing on various designs, including the American Eagle here on Amazon, and they are rather inexpensive.

Unlike other welding helmets, the Instapark is much more ergonomic and comfortable, especially in warmer temperatures. Sometimes welders bypass their helmet because of how hot it gets from wearing them.

Instapark had this in mind when they improved the ventilation design of the helmet. The result is a comfortable helmet that anyone can wear for hours without problems. An auto-dimming, ventilated helmet will help speed up production and make the task more enjoyable!

 Welding is hard on the eyes, so it’s important that you make sure proper safety equipment is used, check out our article on welding and eye safety here..

2. Welding: It’s Like Sewing With Fire | Funny Welder, Repairman Unisex T-Shirt

Are you looking for a humorous, lighthearted gift? You can’t go wrong with a T-shirt from the Ann Arbor T-shirt company! Not only are these t-shirts an excellent conversation piece, but they are also printed on 100% USA grown cotton.

Prices are reasonable, so it won’t make a dent in your wallet. You usually can never go wrong with a funny T-Shirt related to a person’s trade. Check out this and other fun inexpensive designs – (Amazon).

3. Welding Skills, Processes and Practices for Entry-Level Welders: Book 1

Gifting a welding book is a great idea for both beginners and seasoned veterans! This book was originally written to be a complement to a specific set of welding classes, but the book is so well written that it can be used as a standalone guide.

Advanced welders will appreciate it as it is more comprehensive, and beginners will benefit because it contains “everything a welder needs to know.” Find this book on Amazon here for more details.

For additional welding book recommendations, check out my article on Top Five Welding Books welders should have.

4. Klutch Steel Welding Table with Tool Kit

One of the most useful pieces of equipment a welder can have is a welding table! This particular table is especially useful, as it comes with tools and supplies for holding your project in place.

It works as a stand-alone workbench or tabletop and even though it is beefy for the price still could easily be moved around the shop! The table is reasonably priced considering what you get with it and is well worth its purchase.

5. KASTFORCE Portable Welding Table

A second runner up for a portable welding table would be this one here – KASTFORCE Portable Welding table. We like it because it is mobile with locking wheels and also has a storage bench underneath for tools or equipment (and the price is right). The only downfall is it has a galvanized top, so if you are looking for Heavy Duty use, you may want to opt for the Klutch or just build your table.

We picked these tables because they are plenty strong and great for beginners, the hobbyist and home workshop DIY’er. Both can put together fairly quickly enabling you to start using immediately.

6. Sheet Metal-Wire Gauge, Ruler, Keychain

Perhaps a thickness gauge is the perfect gift for the welder you have in mind. This gauge is both unique and practical. It has a key ring attached, and doubles as a tape measure! Unlike many other small metal measuring gadgets the print on this guage is easy to read.

We really like this as a simple gift, why? Because it is inexpensive, and with your keys attached you will always have that tool to measure something when you least expected you need it. A simple gift for any DIYer who is into metal fab or working on a project. Check out the current details here. (Amazon).

7. Welder Gag Gifts Coffee Mug

Here is another simple fun gift idea if you can’t think of anything else. You might want to look at these humorous coffee mugs for welders.

Or another option is this double wall stainless steel insulated travel tumbler for welders! These will spark a lot of interest and conversation!

8. Welding Hats

Black welding hat with neck guard
Black Welding Hat

Lincoln Electric All American Welding Hat
Blue Lincoln Electric Welding Hat

These stylish welding hats are a must for any welder to protect their head and neck from flying sparks.  The welder in your life will really appreciate a gift like this.

9. Strong Hand Tools Torpedo Mag-level

Another tool that every welder should have is a handy Torpedo Mag-Level.  This seven inch by inch and a quarter level is small but packs a big punch.  With the exclusive Z-Axis bubble pod, you can get an entire new element to your level reading.  

The handy carry strap included makes this a versatile and portable tool that your welder will appreciate and love.

10. Adjust-O Magnet Square

Every welder will tell you that unless you have a bit piece, when you pull your magnet away they tend to take the piece you’re working on with them.  The typical magnetic square used by a welder is strong enough to hold small metal pieces in place.  But as I said, they can be a nuisance if you have to move them.  Well, what if you could flip a switch and turn it off?

Turning it on or off is precisely what you can do with the Adjust-O.  With a simple flip of the switch, you can release the magnetic pull and allow easy release of the square.  It is a perfect gift for any welder.

11. Tweco 9255-1060 Switchable, 200-Amp Welders Magnetic Ground Clamp

Tweco 9255-1060 Switchable Magnetic Ground Welding Clamp, 200-Amp

Another really handy tool for any welder who works on pieces larger than a few inches is the magnetic ground clamp.  The welder can just hook up their negative to this ground magnet and then place it on the piece to be welded.  No clamping involved as the magnet holds the ground in place.  A very handy way to close your circuit if you’re a welder who does arc (stick) welding.

12. Klutch 2-Tier Welding Cart with Locking Cabinet

This welding cart by Klutch is something I can tell you thank most welders want to have.  This cart is so convenient how it has cable holders right on the side.  And a chain locking end platform to hold compressed gases.  The locking lower cabinet is also handy to keep things safe and secure while the convenient handle above makes the cart easy to move where you need it to go.

13. Welding Jacket by Lincoln Electric

Just like with the welding hat, another important thing welders want is to protect their body from red hot sparks and molten metal.  A welding jacket is specifically designed to let these hot sparks just roll off without harming the welder or catching on fire.  And, the jacket is even ruggedly stylish too.  

Reasonably priced and something every welder wishes they had (and if they have one already it’s probably time to replace it anyway).

14. Strong Hand Tools 4-In-1 Utility Clamping System

Any welder will tell you, you can never have enough decent clamps.  And this economic 4-in-1 clamp from Strong Hand Tools is the perfect gift.  Get them one, two, three or as many as you want, they will appreciate them all.  Like I said, you can never have too many decent clamps.

15. Klutch 2-Axis Welding Angle Clamp

As we were just discussing clamps, I need to show you this awesome little device.  Can you tell I get excited talking about it?  Well, so do many welders as this is an ingenious time saving device.  It is so handy when you’re welding angles.  I really love using this tool, it has helped me make stairs, frames and so much more.  Get the welder in your life one of these, trust me on that one, they’ll love it.

16. Non-Oscillating Pedestal Fan

If you’ve ever spent any length of time in a welding shop in the summer, then you know it can get hot.  Really hot.  Not only that, but the fumes from welding can be a bit much, even if you are welding outside.  So, stay ventilated with this shop grade non-oscillating pedestal fan by Strongway.  

This 30 inch fan is durable and with its double-locking guard it’s also safe for the shop.  The fan has a two speed motor and speed control knob for easy adjustment.  Every shop needs a decent shop fan, and welders can appreciate a good fan more than most.

17. Lincoln Electric Straight-Head Chipping Hammer

If you’re looking for a great stocking stuffer, an extra chipping hammer makes a great little gift for the welder in your life.  This is really useful if the type of welding is arc welding which needs the slag chipped off.  So, make sure you check what kind of welding the welder in your life does first.  If it’s arc (also called stick), then this makes a great stocking stuffer.

18. Arc Welding Rod Case

Again with the arc (stick) welding specific gifts, ask any welder if they like getting damp welding rods and they will tell you once they get wet they are usually garbage.  That’s why this handy welding rod case is so useful.  This case seals up tight to keep the rods dry and ready for use.

19. Irwin Vise-Grip Locking C-Clamp Pliers with Regular Tips

Remember when I mentioned that you can’t have enough clamps?  Well, I can tell you that I own at least six of these particular locking vice clamps.  They are just so handy for holding things together.  I’ve used them when welding on countless occasions and having these in quantity in any shop is always a bonus.  That’s why you’ll notice they often come with a bulk discount so you can save money buying a bunch of these.

20. Welding Sleeves

Help the welder in your life to keep their arms from being burned as they weld.  One of the worst things for a welder is the spitting hot metal that can cause severe burns.  These sleeves held the welder have the quick solution of simply putting on these sleeves to prevent their arms from being burned.

21. Irwin Vise-Grip Pliers — 4-Pc. Set

Since I had to show you the other Vise-Grip clamp, I need to show you these as well.  Having a set or three like this in the shop is really handy.  And this four piece set packs a good punch with four different sized locking vise-grip pliers.  Any man who tinkers in a shop or welds will appreciate a set or two of these.

22. Keter Cantilever-Style Organizer

Another wonderful gift for any guy (especially a welder) is a parts or hardware organizer like this one by Keter.  The 22 inch cantilever style organizer sports two rows of organization to help keep small parts or hardware stored neatly and safely.

23. Ironton 1-Drawer Tool Cart

Ironton 1-Drawer Tool Cart
Ironton 1-Drawer Tool Cart

The Ironton 1-Drawer Tool Cart is a must for any shop.  With it’s convenient locking casters and drawer, this cart is both rugged and functional.  And the 350-lb. capacity means that the welder in your life can lug around all kinds of stuff to get projects done with this handy shop cart by their side.

24. Milwaukee M18 Jobsite Radio

No shop is complete without a shop radio.  And when you’re welding, there’s nothing better than having some good tunes in the background.  This Milwaukee job site radio will be a welcome gift to any welder, or even any man or woman who likes to work in a shop or around the house or yard.  You can’t go wrong with the gift of music.

25. Welding Gloves

As mentioned before, welders love to weld but aren’t usually fans of getting burned.  And if you’ve seen the hands, arms, and clothing of any welder, you’ll know that burns happen quite frequently.  So, why not help them out with a new pair of welding gloves. 

These stylish and durable welding gloves by Gravel Gear are made from premium split cowhide leather and sewn using highly durable Kevlar (&reg.) thread for ultimate protection.

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