Air Conditioning Vacuum Pump Plans



Homemade Vacuum Pump For Air Conditioner

Vacuum Pump Built from scrap parts
Homemade Vacuum Pump
Another great item built from scrapyard parts or from items on the curbside so that you can keep the money in your own pocket and not give it to the next guy.
Have you ever thought about doing the work on your automotive air conditioning system yourself but could not justify spending hundreds of dollars for a vacuum pump to evacuate the system Or….. have you purchased one of those cheap venturi style air-operated units from Harbor Freight or eBay and like me and found that it was a piece of JUNK, not able to pull a good vacuum and it took way too much air.

Instructions to build your own Vacuum Pump.

This is a set of plans to build your very own, low-cost vacuum pump. The 14-page manual gives step by step instructions and photos on how to build a vacuum pump using parts from an old household appliance.

Use this pump to remove moisture from air conditioning systems so you safely add refrigerant. Easy to operate and ideal for automotive air conditioners, home air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, vacuum chambers and more! Great item for the home hobbyist, do-it-yourself or shade tree mechanic.
The picture below is an example of how good this system works.

You can build this unit in about 2 hours and have some money left to enjoy a few cold ones.
Fabrication requires basic to moderate mechanical ability. This would be a great shop project for school classes.
This manual is presented in PDF format, so Adobe Acrobat is required to view the files.

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