DIY Welder & Paintball Tank Refill





How To Refill Your Own CO2 Gas Tank
A shielding gas tank for welding is no cheap endevour. A lease is often $250 plus the gas. what if you have a tank laying around? It needs a new hydro test ($50 ), and they will get you for a new valve ($45 just because), and then whatever gas you want – it is NOT CHEAP.

Mike from Michigan?found a way to refill his CO2 tank for less than $1.50 for 8.5 CU.FT. It is easy to do and this pdf gives you the math to figure the gas volume and pressures you will have (or should have) when finished.

Refill your own CO2 Tank at the fraction of the cost.

This is only for CO2 and not for other gasses.

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