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Disc Sander Plans, Motorized ~ Wall Mounted or Free Standing
David from Franklin, New Hampshire has been a long time metal crafter and now offers his very thorough Stationary Disc Sander Plans.
There?s nothing I like better than working in my shop making stuff out of metal.? My pet peeve is burrs, sharp edges and corners.? It?s not so easy to grind these off with a hand-held disc grinder/sander and it?s quite time consuming.? I?ve tried locking my grinder in a vice and moving the work rather than the tool and it worked fairly well but it was doing a number on the grinder?s plastic case.? I?ve seen those kits that allow you to strap the grinder down to the bench but they gave me an uneasy feeling.? I?ve also looked at motorized disc sanders but I didn?t much like the price of the high-end units and the mail-order devices scared me.? That, my friends, is the reason I built my own.? Now that I have one, I wouldn?t be without it.

I’ve bought mail order plans since I was eleven or twelve. First from magazine advertisements and later from the WEB. Most of the early sets looked as though the guy drew them using a pen and yellow lined paper while he was waiting for the coffee maker to finish. The later sets were mostly done using MSPaint? or some similar software and really weren’t worth the cost of postage. I sincerely hope you will find my plans significantly better than what I described above.

The 72 page Disc Sander Construction Manual includes 60 illustrations, Table Of Contents and two Indices. The optional document package includes professional drawn, tabloid size [11? X 17?] CAD drawings of all piece part, sub-assembly and assembly prints in ANSI format. In addition, you can purchase full sized drilling templates printed on durable, heavy paper. If you’re an experienced craftsman and if you have the right tools, you can probably make it over two weekends. If you?re a novice, it may require a bit more time.
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