DIY Shop Crane Plans



DIY Shop Crane Plans

Now you can build your own top running homemade shop crane from our professionally designed top running 2000 lb homemade crane plans. These plans were designed even for home shop crane use.  Build it yourself and save money on an overhead shop crane for your business or garage shop.

Shop Crane specifications

Easy to build 2,000 lb. shop crane, ideal for all home use, repair shop, auto body, car repair, welding shops and more

Move your equipment and weldments around your shop with ease. Load and unload your trucks and trailers, move auto bodies and more.

A must-have for all fabricating shops and repair shops.

Shop Crane Drawings Include:

  • Runway piece parts and weldments
  • Upright columns piece parts
  • Bridge Crane piece parts
  • End truck piece parts
  • Hoist trolley piece parts
  • Bill of materials
  • Fabrication details

Shop Crane Details:

Overhead design for distributing weight over the bridge and 2 parallel runways

Lets you move and positioning loads of up to 2000 lbs.

Includes trolley for moving loads

Ideal for moving all types of equipment and for shop welders to move your parts around the shop.

Simple installation.

Support columns can be placed anywhere for using your shop space more efficiently.

Recommended purchase parts for Overhead Shop Crane Plans

With our Shop Crane Plans PDF download you can custom build your own 2,000 lb shop crane. Professionally designed plans in combination with the purchased parts below will have your custom-built Shop Crane up and running in no time.

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