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Hydraulic Power Pack Design PDF

Complete Metal Fabrication Plans to build a 1 h.p. electric single phase motor hydraulic power unit.

It can be used to power different pieces of hydraulic shop equipment such as our Homemade Shop Press, Punch & Brake.

Hydraulic Power Unit Specifications:

Electric Motor  Voltage 115
1/2 GPM @ 3,000 PSI OUTPUT
Maximum Pressure 3,000 PSI
9 Gallon oil reservoir.
Piece Part Drawings & General Layout
A complete list of suppliers for purchased parts

Hydraulic Power Pack Design & Parts List Includes:

• All self-contained with a 9-gallon hydraulic oil reservoir.

• Heavy duty 10 ga. steel reservoir with built in the baffle.

• Suction filter to protect the pump from contamination and also a replaceable return line filter.

•  A pressure gauge on pressure pump outlet to let you control maximum operating pressure.

• Simple coupling is used to connect the motor to the pump.

• Plans are complete with a control valve, pressure and return hoses with quick couplers.

• Build your own Hydraulic Power Unit & SAVE $$hundreds of dollars.


Use this with our Shop Press Punch & Brake Plans

Also Powers (and more):
• Sheet Metal Rollers
• Metal Brakes & Much More

Mounted on Swivel castors so you can move it around with ease.
Designed with hydraulic control valve & quick-disconnect hoses to make it easy to move from one unit to another.

Download & Start Building Today!

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Hydraulic Power Unit Plans – Design

If you are interested in building your own hydraulic power unit we have all the parts sourced for you listed below that we recommend with our professionally designed plans.

This home built power unit can be used to power several different hydraulic driven equipment such as our homemade hydraulic press, hydraulic punch, hydraulic rollers, pipe and tube benders among other pieces of equipment.

This unit has a 1 HP electric Motor Single Phase, 1725 RPM (56 NEMA frame) driving a Pump that has .065 Cubic Inch Displacement Per Revolution which will give approx. 1/2 GPM output with 3,000 PSI capacity.

To Calculate that you take .065 x 1725 = 112.12 Cubic Inch of Oil. (One Gallon is 231 cubic inches) so that means divide 231 by 112 = .48 GPM actual.

The rule of thumb is that a 1 HP Electric motor (1,725 RPM) can pump 1 Gallon Per Minute @ 1,500 PSI

So if you need 3,000 PSI you have to Double the HP or cut the GPM in half. we cut the output GPM in half.

All of the following are the parts you will need along with our professionally designed plans to build your own hydraulic unit.

ALL POWER UNIT PARTS – QTY 1 (Unless otherwise Noted Below)

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