Garden & Yard Cart Plans


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These are DIY plans for a strong, heavy duty, two wheel cart.?? It can do anything a wheelbarrow
can, only better and easier, except mixing cement due to the wood box.

Even when heavily loaded, this cart requires very little effort to move around.?? It?s good for hauling
anything needed in the yard or garden.?? Example, fertilizer, potted plants, rocks, sticks, cement blocks,
and tools of all kinds such as chainsaw, axe, hoe, saw, drill, etc.? It?s so much easier than carrying them in
a bucket or in your arms.

This is the second cart that I have built; the first one about 40 years ago and the second one last
year. I realize that most any handy man could build a cart without any plans; I did.? However, I think
having my set of plans will make your job go faster and easier.? I believe you will be glad you started with a set of plans.

Plans include:? Material List, Step by step instructions, all wood cutting measurements shown on page,
complete drawing of cart layout, and lots of photos of completed cart.