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  • Under Deck Roofing Plans

    Under Deck Roofing Plans


    UNDER DECK ROOFING PLANS   It is a problem that many home owner’s have. They have a high deck with plenty of room under it. What a great place for storage, a workshop, a playhouse, etc.? Many, many uses for the room but there is one looming problem. Your deck leaks like a sieve. Anything…

  • Shoe Ionizer Plans

    Shoe Ionizer Plans


    DIY SHOE IONIZER   STINKY SHOES? NO PROBLEM.? This folder will show you how Mike from Michigan?used a childs toy (starting point) to build a shoe ionizer. It creates negative ions and ozone to purify your shoes. It has long been known?that negative ions and ozone will?kill mold, mildew, fungus, and smells.??Build one and alternate…

  • diy germination chamber

    Seed Germinator Plans


    24 Page guide with photos

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  • Mouse Scare Box Plans

    Scare Box Plans


    Mouse Scare Box Pans DIY Spider or Snake Prank Box Make your own Mouse or Spider Scare Box! You can even find a snake or something small to attach and prank innocent victims. Complete step by step instructions, detailed drawings, and plans show you how to build the ultimate prank box.  Once complete attach a…

  • S10 Snow Plow Blueprints, Snow Plow Mount Plans

    S10 Snow Plow Blueprints, Snow Plow Mount Plans


    SNOWPLOW SNOW PLOW MOUNT PLANS   Homemade Snow Plow Mount BLUEPRINTS S10 / S-10 BLAZER PICKUP If you have found yourself a snowplow, and want to fit it up to your S10 for winter,? here is what you need! Set of blue prints for a snow plow mount that will fit on an S10 pickup…

  • Rocking Hammock Plans


    ROCKING HAMMOCK PLANS   How To Make A Rocking Hammock Relaxing in a comfortable rocking hammock is a pleasant way to unwind during those warm summer days.? Not only is it eye-catching, but is a great addition that will enhance the look of your deck or backyard. Building this hammock, yourself, is not that difficult…

  • Retractable Awning for your Deck

    Retractable Awning for your Deck


    RETRACTABLE AWNING FOR YOUR DECK   Complete plans for an easy to build and inexpensive retractable awning for your deck and home. Awning folds back against your house for easy storage. Plans are for an 8′ by 10′ awning but could be modified as required. Build this low cost project for as little as $30….

  • Restoring Nicad Batteries


    RESTORING NICAD BATTERIES     How To Restore Nicad Batteries This is a proven Guide and artcle showing you how to make a simple machine on How To Restore Nicad Batteries. Mike from Michigan shows his “How I Built Mine” style guide on How To Repair Nicad Batteries and SAVE MONEY$$$ He has done it…

  • Rejuvenating Lead Acid Batteries

    Rejuvenating Lead Acid Batteries


    SEALED LEAD ACID BATTERY REJUVENATION   This inexpensive guide by Mike from Michigan will show you how to correctly Rejuvenate Lead Acid Batteries. SAVE money by recondtioning those Sealed Lead Acid Batteries for all of your toys, wheelchairs and more. Sealed lead acid batteries are used on many items, like power wheel chairs, kids barbie…

  • Rejuvenate Car Battery

    Rejuvenate Car Battery


    CAR BATTERY RECONDITIONING GUIDE   DIY Rejuvenate Car Batteries Another guide created by mike from Michigan on how to Rejuvenate Lead Acid Car or Truck batteries. Mike rejuvenates many Car & Truck batteries for his battery bank which he uses to power his house since he loves Off The Grid. I have many different types…

  • Rechargeable Spray Can


    RECHARGEABLE SPRAY CAN   Tired of wasting money on engine parts cleaner? How about household cleaners, or maybe even spray lubricants? Or maybe you just want an easy way to spray household cleaners and weed killer?? Well you came to the right place, this guide will show you how to build a hand held pressurized…

  • Multiwave Oscillator Plans


    MULTIWAVE OSCILLATOR PLANS   How To Build A Multiwave Oscillator One tuning fork when struck can literally cause another of the same frequency to start “ringing” by simply being close enough to it. This is called”sympathetic vibration” A Dr, by the name of Georges Lakhovsky designed a healing device on this principle in the early…