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DIY Plans To Build All 15 Home Projects!

I have been working on this book for over 20 years. It is a collection of home improvement projects that I have personally built and wrote myself because I wanted the improvement for my home and family and did not or could not pay for it. By doing it myself I was able to save hundreds of dollars compared to the price of buying these products. The book includes 15 valuable projects that you will be proud to say that you built yourself. Anyone of these projects could save you many times the price of this book. I have sold hundreds of these project plans individually. I have finally combined these projects together into one large collection. The book has over 140 pages of instructive text, drawings and pictures on how to build each project.

Kenneth Dixon


Spiral Stairs for your Deck

Add beautiful spiral stairs to your deck, beach house, treehouse, etc.? I’ve never seen a set of spiral stairs outside, but what a great place to have one. Outside for all the world to see and envy.? Build them from easy to get and inexpensive decking materials.? Complete plans, drawings and pictures to build a spiral staircase out of decking materials.

Whirlpool Spa for your Deck

Build your own whirlpool spa! The plans are for a 7 1/2′ x 7 1/2′ x 30″ whirlpool spa built from commonly available materials. Spa has 6 jets and is heated with an easy to build electric heater.? What are you waiting for. You don’t have to be rich to give your family the good life. Complete plans, drawings and pictures for building a Whirlpool Spa with electric heater.

Wood Fired Water Heater for you Spa

Heat any Hot tub or Whirlpool spa with wood. Save 100’s of dollars on utility bills. Plans describe how to build a fire box to heat your spa with wood. Complete plans, drawings and pictures for building a wood fired water heater.

Retractable Awning for your Deck

Complete plans for an easy to build and inexpensive retractable awning for your deck and home. Awning folds back against your house for easy storage. Plans are for an 8′ by 10′ awning but could be modified as required. Build this low cost project for as little as $30. Plans come with easy diagrams and how to text. Beat the heat today!

Barrel style Compost Tumbler

Make your own Barrel style Compost Tumbler. This is a low cost, easy project that can be completed in just a few hours. The tumbler can be made from any barrel that has a locking removable top. The plans completely describe how to equip the inside of the barrel with an air chamber that allows the compost to mix with air to shorten the time it takes for the compost to cure. This air chamber also helps mix the yard debris when spinning the barrel. The air chamber can also be used to water the compost in order to keep the contents moist. The barrel holds constant moisture in the mix to aid the curing process. It’s easy to load and unload and is light enough to easily be moved anywhere on your property. You’ll get complete plans, drawings and pictures for building a Barrel style Compost Tumbler.

Under Deck Roofing

It is a problem that many home owner’s have. They have a high deck with plenty of room under it. What a great place for storage, a workshop, a playhouse, etc.? Many, many uses for the room but there is one looming problem. Your deck leaks like a sieve. Anything you store under it will eventually get wet. It is a problem that I had for years. Fix this problem with Under Deck Roofing Plans. Plans come with easy to read how to text, drawings and pictures.

Low Cost Double Carport

Short of a full garage, a carport probably gives your car’s finish the best protection against nature’s destructive forces. These forces include summer’s heat and sunlight, spring’s rain and pollen, fall’s falling debris and winter’s frost. Year after year, these natural forces degrade the paint on you car aas well as providing an unnecessary nuisance.? Why then do so many cars sit beside homes without the protection of a carport? The only answer I can think of is money!? To eliminate this problem, I have devised this low cost carport plan using economical pressure treated lumber to make a sturdy frame for a fabric roofed carport. The pressure treated framework is very strong yet economical. It allows you to get your cars under a fabric roofed carport right away for only a small cost. You can also add a hard roof later if so desired. You’ll get complete plans for a low cost double carport.

Mower style Line Trimmer

Make your own heavy duty weed and grass line trimmer. The lawn mower style design makes it much easier to mow large areas of high weeds and grass with more power and a larger cutting area than the hand held trimmer style.? You’ll get complete plans, drawings and pictures for building your own mower/trimmer from easy and inexpensive materials.

Abrasive Cut-off Attachment

If you work with metal then you might need this little device. It turns an ordinary circular saw into an abrasive metal cutting saw that clamps and cuts metal at a 90 degree angle. The attachment is made from ordinary angle iron and hardware. It is a very low cost project that can be done in a weekend. Retire that hack saw and save your arm. Complete text, drawings and pictures to build and abrasive cut-off saw attachment.

Low Cost Patio

This low cost method of building a concrete patio is easy to use and understand. It is a great project to use concrete and pressure treated lumber to make a very useful patio for your family. Ride bikes, play sports, barbeque, have partys or just relax. It is a great project for adding a great new feature to your home.

Folding Miter Saw Table

Make your own miter saw stand from a sheet of plywood. The saw attaches permanently to the table. The whole unit folds up compactly and rolls away for easy storage and handling. It is easy to move from jobsite to jobsite. The unit folds out to give a long stable work surface. You’ll get complete plans, drawings and pictures for building a folding miter saw table.

Behind Cabinet Pot Rack & LId Rack

Are your pot, pans and lids a mess. Aching back from leaning over to get pans and lids. Organize your storage mess today. Inside Cabinet Pot rack stores six of your favorite fry pans and different sized sauce pans in an easy, organized method. Pot Lids can also be stored in a very similar manner. No bending over to get pans and lids. Easy to put back after cleaning. A very simple design to a problem that many have. Complete plans with material list, mail order material sources and instruction with pictures. Pots, pans and lids are a mess – Straighten them out.

Build a Joggle Board

Joggle Boards were very common around the coast line of South Carolina in the early 1900’s.
It is a cross between a park bench and a rocking chair. Kids and or adults can use it to joggle. That is to bounce on the board? and rock back and forth on the rocker supports. I guess it gives the feeling of being at sea. Today the Joggle Board can be a great piece of deck furniture. It has a very pleasant rocking motion that anyone can use. It is an easy and inexpensive project and you will be the only one in your neighborhood with one. A great conversation piece.

Inflatable Pool Heater

Inflatable Pool Heater Plans Heat your inflatable pool or spa with something you probably already have. This is a low cost project that uses your existing gas grill to heat the water in your inflatable “kidde” pool or spa. The project does not alter your grill in any way and it can still be used to cook with just as before. I used the project to heat my spa. It heats it very effectively. Using this setup, you can heat approximately 100 gallons of water in 4 hours. That means you can heat cold fresh drawn water to a very pleasant temperature you or your kids will love! This is a low cost, easy project that you can assemble for under $40. I’ll give you complete details, drawings and instructions to assemble this simple method of heating your inflatable pool or spa with your gas charcoal grill.

Folding Ping Pong Table

I’ve always loved Ping pong but never had the space or money to buy a table. I finally realized that if we rearranged our furniture we just might have enough room to squeeze a table in. I needed a table that would fold up so it could be placed out of the way at times. These plan do just that and is my original idea as far as I know. This table is 4? x 8? in size. An official table is 5? x 9? but I felt this table solves several problems. It is the size of a standard sheet of plywood for low cost and ease during construction. It is not too big for many rooms and it is plenty big for casual ping pong play. The table is designed to fold up into a 48?x 48?x 9? size for easy storage. It can easily be moved with two people (just the amount needed to play ping pong). One could use this anywhere that they have a flat surface and about 13 ft x 8 ft clear space. The table can be folded in two when not needed. I stained my table instead of painting it the standard ping pong green so it would look more like a piece of furniture than a ping pong table but you can if you wish. A low cost easy project that is great fun for the whole family! You’ll get complete plans, diagrams and pictures for the project.