Rechargeable Spray Can


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Tired of wasting money on engine parts cleaner? How about household cleaners, or maybe even spray lubricants? Or maybe you just want an easy way to spray household cleaners and weed killer??
Well you came to the right place, this guide will show you how to build a hand held pressurized sprayer so you can easily spray parts cleaner, household cleaners, lubricants, and even weed killer. Once you build this sprayer you wont have to ever buy a spray can again, saving you lots of money. Buy all you fluids in bulk containers to save money and use the sprayer to spray them just like you would with a regular spray can.

Rechargeable Aerosol Can

Recharge with compressed air
Propel All Types of Liquid
Even Clean Your Computers unlimited FREE compressed air!

Ideas are endless, SAVE MONEY$$$ never buy expensive aerosol cans again!
To propel the fluid simply pressurize the sprayer with air from your air compressor This handheld pressurized sprayer costs around $12 to make with parts you can easily find at your local hardware store.