Standard Picnic Table Plan


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DIY Picnic Table Plans

We believe that these “Standard Picnic Table Plans” are the best out there.? “Standard” can be misleading, however.? This plan will allow you to build?the most?beautiful, longest lasting table at 5′ wide by 8′ long (or less).

1) Unlike most plans which use flimsy 2″ x 4″ material,?we have designed the table to?utilize 2″ x 6″ material for a stronger, sturdier design.? Also, there are no unsightly nails or carriage bolts in the table top or legs to interfere with cleaning or scratch your legs.

2) These are copyrighted designs “Made in the USA”.

3) This table is so easy to make and takes less than two hours to construct.? After building your first table, you might consider selling tables in your community- making a huge profit!

4) These plans are opened using the PDF file format and sent to you quickly via email so you don’t have to worry about losing paper copies!

5) Northwestern Design Solutions is a full-service design center that produces quality, accurate designs.??Our picnic table design has even been used to build a table for the famous pianist?Berenika?Schmitz/Zakrzewski! She says: “Thank you for the beautiful table!

NOTE: These DIY Picnic Table Plans are Download ONLY,? can be printed on standard 8.5×11 paper. THEY ARE NOT FULL SIZED TRACEABLE DRAWINGS.

Picnic Table Plans