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  • diy outdoor playset plans

    DIY Outdoor Playset Plans


    Children’s outdoor play-set DIY instructions and cut diagram.  The children’s outdoor play-set is 6′-0″ wide x 6′-0″ deep, platform is 4′-0″ tall and monkey bars are 8′-2″ from the ground to the bars.  The slide and monkey bar/ladder openings are both on one side to allow for safe play in the entire back side of the play-set without fears of falling out.  This children’s outdoor play-set it big enough to comfortably fit a 6′-0″ tall person without having to worry about hitting your head.   There is fun for all ages whether your child likes to play barbies, go wild on the monkey bars, play with their tractors in a sand box below or set up in the corner to make a peaceful outdoor reading nook.  Your child will love the size of this platform.  All you will need to purchase is the lumber, roof tarp, slide, monkey bars and appropriate outdoor screws.  These instructions can be printed on 8.5″x11″ or 11″x17″ paper.

  • woodworking jig plans, diy woodworking jigs

    Woodworking Jig Plans


    Woodworking Jigs Here’s a set of nine jigs, no matter your woodworking skill level, to ease and help in producing more professional looking projects. Woodworking Jigs Included: Tenon Joints Woodworking Jig. Radial Arm Saw Cutoff Stop. Drilling Guide For Angle Drilling. Crosscut Platform Jig. Sander Jig. Plus More! Easy to build, they all have one…

  • wooden desk plans

    Wood Desk Plans


    Simple Reading Desk Plans This easy Reading Desk can be built with plywood or with other fine wood. Paint it with the color you prefer. It is very easy to construct. Desktop Dimensions – 32″ Deep x 59″ Wide x 29.75 Tall In the project, you will find all the measurements in inches. All quantities…

  • Utility & Ping Pong Table Plans


    Ping Pong Table Plans & Utility Table Plans The package will show you how to make a beautiful folding table tennis (Ping Pong) table and the second knockdown utility table.? Along with the plans for these tables is a plan for a wall mountable table tennis accessories rack.? So whether you love to play table…

  • Standard Picnic Table Plan


    DIY Picnic Table Plans We believe that these “Standard Picnic Table Plans” are the best out there.? “Standard” can be misleading, however.? This plan will allow you to build?the most?beautiful, longest lasting table at 5′ wide by 8′ long (or less). 1) Unlike most plans which use flimsy 2″ x 4″ material,?we have designed the…

  • Sofa Plans


    Sofa Building Plans Step by step instructions on how to build a sofa. Feature: This sofa is designed to be practical, easy to make, economical, great-looking and sturdy. It uses dimensional lumber and hardware available in any local home center. The frame of this sofa is simple, with straight clean lines. Details and dimensions for…

  • Rocking Hammock Plans


    ROCKING HAMMOCK PLANS   How To Make A Rocking Hammock Relaxing in a comfortable rocking hammock is a pleasant way to unwind during those warm summer days.? Not only is it eye-catching, but is a great addition that will enhance the look of your deck or backyard. Building this hammock, yourself, is not that difficult…

  • Pool Table Plans


    Professional Style Pool Table Plans   If you have ever wanted a professional style pool table, here is one that you can build.? With inspiration from the Art Deco style of the 20’s and 30’s, this table is constructed of mahogany and poplar and features a 3 piece Italian slate bed. Not for the timid,…

  • Magic Wine Bottle Holder Plans


    DIY Magic Wine Bottle Holder   Pretty bottle holder realized with wood. Probably you have seen it on the internet but do you know the exact measure to keep the bottle in balance? Simple Magic Bottle Holder Plan Shows you exactly how to keep your bottle in balance! Floating Bottle Holder is great for gifts…

  • Log Cabin MailBox Plans


    Log Cabin Mailbox Plans I always wanted to build a log cabin. I’ve never accomplished that so I took on a smaller project. A log cabin mailbox. Easy to build log cabin mailbox that looks great. Complete plans that show how it can be built in one leisurely weekend. The material cost of the project…

  • Home Mini Bar Plans


    BUILD YOUR OWN MINI BAR   A one of a kind bar that, opened or closed, is a beauty.? It’s a bar your friends will admire, especially when the BARS OPEN! The plan is a straightforward plywood/laminate construction, to house a sink, and mini fridge, as well as storage for glasses and drink fixings.? With…

  • Hammock Frame Plans


    HAMMOCK FRAME PLANS   Everyone loves to enjoy the gentle swaying of a hammock on the patio next to the pool, or in the yard.?Paradise, and with a few basic tools, and some inexpensive materials, anyone with a free weekend can create this ideal refuge to relax, catch a few rays, and a few winks.?…