Vintage Bicycle Boat & Paddle Boat Plans


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Bicycle Boat, Paddle Boat, Float Boat & Kick Katamaran Plans

12 Page Vintage Plan Download for 4 fun DIY Water Boat Plans

DIY Float Boat

Makes a great diving raft, floating raft or fishing raft.? Simple wooden floating boat design mounted to inner tubes or other floating devices!

How To Build A Bicycle Boat

Built from used bicycle materials and wood.? Use this basic principle with the bicycle mounted to your handmade wooded pontoons or scrounge some other small floating type pontoons that you could adapt the bike and other parts too.? All the information is in the download just use your ingenuity to make your own bicycle boat!

Homemade Paddle Boat

Paddle Boat made from Wood, 24 ga Galvanized Steel, used folding chair (or other) plus used bicycle parts for pedal assemblies.? Once again most of these materials can be scrounged up to make your own paddle boat. All the information you need to build this paddle boat is included in the PDF DOWNLOAD!

Kick Katamaran Plans

Pontoons built from wood calked with strips of cotton binding tape laid in marine or casein glue. You could also use this basic principal mounted to other small scrounged pontoons or plastic floats.? With the internet available to most everyone today just do a little online searching for smaller pontoon ideas, build the rest from wood and you are ready to start kicking around in the water!