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  • Teardrop Camper Trailer Plans


    Vintage Teardrop Camp Trailer Plans Clear Plans Exploded Drawings Re-Printable! Fast Download! Now Only 4.99

  • covered wagon plans

    Wooden Covered Wagon Plans


    Vintage Covered Wagon Plans If you are looking for something different in the way of a trailer, this is it! Build your own classic Covered Wagon from these complete plans! Great for camping, or even hauling crops or anything that needs to be covered. Prairie Wagon Plans Specifications: Cooking Area Room for a double bed,…

  • Vintage Homemade Tractor


    Vintage Small Tractor Plans Construct this tractor from salvaged materials and a surplus motor.? With this homemade tractor, you can pull some pretty heavy loads around your property. Mini Tractor Details: ? Plans include how to build a homemade bulldozer attachment ? Weighs 450 lbs ? 7 H.P. used Surplus motor ? Salvaged materials for…

  • Vintage Drill Press Plans


    DRILL PRESS TABLE PLANS In your home shop, you will often find your hand drill to be lacking in the ability to get the job done right.? Constructed almost entirely of pipe fittings, this vintage drill press is very strong, rigid, neat and quiet.? It will become a handy, additional tool in you project arsenal….

  • Vintage Bicycle Boat & Paddle Boat Plans


    4 VINTAGE PLANS FOR Bicycle Boat, Paddle Boat, Float Boat & Kick Katamaran Plans 12 Page Vintage Plan Download for 4 fun DIY Water Boat Plans DIY Float Boat Makes a great diving raft, floating raft or fishing raft.? Simple wooden floating boat design mounted to inner tubes or other floating devices! How To Build…

  • Vintage Two Person Bicycle Plans


    VINTAGE TWO PERSON BICYCLE PLANS You’ll discover that this type of biking is great sport.? The co-operative effort takes the huff and puffs out of pedaling and gets you out in the open air without the danger of over-exertion.? Until you ride a bicycle built for two, you will never know the joy a bicycle…

  • Vintage Tom Thumb Folding Mini Bike Plans


    VINTAGE TOM THUMB FOLDING MINI BIKE PLANS Tom Thumb, the scooter that hitches a ride.? Tom Thumb mini scooter folds up and, at 77 lbs when built, is designed to hold a 225 lb. person.? The front wheel drive folding design can fit in small tight spaces. If you ever wished for a motorbike you…

  • Toboggan Plans


    TOBOGGAN PLANS 6 Easy To Build Toboggan Designs Just like the title says, here are 6 different designs for building a toboggan.? Each will give you or your children hours of fun at the local hills. The designs range in simplicity from an easy to use template to make a piece of linoleum into a…

  • Teardrop Trailer Plans


    “Wild Goose” Teardrop Camper Plans Nice Vintage Plans Easy to Read and Print Out For The Shop! Only 4.99 Fast Download!

  • Vintage Teardrop Trailer Plans


    Plans to build a teardrop camper Very Thorough Vintage Teardrop Trailer Plans Often called a Little Guy Teardrop or a Little Guy Camper, but don’t let the name fool you.? The little guy trailer in these plans boasts a full 5-foot door! You can stand up in this Teardrop Camper.? Plenty of sleeping area –…

  • Vintage Snowmobile & Sleigh Plans


    VINTAGE SNOWMOBILE & SLEIGH PLANS   “Winter always offers adventuresome souls the opportunity to fulfill the desire for something different.”? This snowmobile and sleigh combination certainly is something different. The snowmobile, though light duty by today’s standards, is capable of carrying at least a 200lb-person with ease.? Its low power and sturdy construction make it…

  • Vintage Snow Sled Plans


    Vintage Snowbird – Snow Sled Plans A Powered Snow Sled That You Can Build Whether the snow is 6 inches or 6 feet deep, this powered sled will take you where others fear to tread.? Going at up to 17 mph. (depending on the engine of choice), this DIY Snowmobile will reach those unreachable places,…