Vintage Die Filing Machine Plans


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Filing Machine Plans Specifications:

  • Filing Machine Plans for small parts.
  • Die Filing Machine Plans for Truing and squaring.
  • Uses a 1/4 H.P. 1750 R.P.M. motor.
  • Also makes a speedy jigsaw for cutting out all kinds of items for projects & hobbies.

Filing Machine Plans, inside or outside die filing! Also, fit it with an interchangeable chuck to take saber type blades and you have a speedy jigsaw! Both model makers and die makers will like the precise internal and external filing this machine can do on a wide variety of small intricate work. It uses a standard machine file.

These Filing Machine Plans – Die Filing Machine Plans are great for squaring small parts, and truing irregular inside or outside shapes in model work. These are jobs for this motor driven filer!

Download and build Filing Machine Plans today!