Vintage Mini Bike Plans


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Tom Thumb Mini Bike Plans!

Vintage Plans!

ONLY 3.99

Small Enough to fit in a locker!

Though it will never be challenged by it’s bigger more powerfully produced cousins, this shop-built micro mini bike will get you where you want to go for peanuts?

Putting along??powered by its 3/4-hp?power plant

The rig hits a racy 11 mph when?flat out?more than enough to get you out on?that backwoods jaunt or?with modification?

For street use?to class, football practice or part-time job with time to spare.

You can get this Vintage Cool Mini Bike Plan Now! 4 pages of how to build and make your own with exploded diagram!

Clear PDF files that you can zoom in and print out yourself!

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ONLY 3.99 What a Great Deal!