Vintage Rubber Band Car Plans


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Build A Children’s Rubber Band Powered Car

Here are 2 different vehicles for young children.? Sidewalk cars each powered by rubber band motors.? Any youngster (and some oldsters) would love these cars.? With the capability of traveling under their own power for up to 3 miles (5 kilometers), or more, these cars are similar to the electric cars you buy for kids, but 1) they’re bigger, 2) they’re faster, 3) they go further.

The first part of the plans is an explanation of the principle and talks you through building a vehicle based on an old fashion toy wooden wagon.

The second part is a complete and comprehensively laid out diagram and text build of an old fashion car with a full chassis, suspension, and rubber band motor (including a power winder).? With a little time, though, and ingenuity, an updated body can be built upon the chassis.

Or build it the way it’s shown, it’s great fun either way.

Download Plans To Build A Rubber Band Car