Vintage Snowmobile & Sleigh Plans


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“Winter always offers adventuresome souls the opportunity to fulfill the desire for something different.”? This snowmobile and sleigh combination certainly is something different.

The snowmobile, though light duty by today’s standards, is capable of carrying at least a 200lb-person with ease.? Its low power and sturdy construction make it ideal for younger/novice or less experienced riders.? However, it is highly capable in trail use, or on lakes or snow-covered hills.

The sleigh is ideal for the family with lots of children, or stuff to cart around on those journeys.? It can be used with this snowmobile or any other.

Taken separately, each is a great project which would fulfill its purpose admirably.? Together they make an excellent package as a starting point to the sport of snowmobiling.? They are even suitable for someone with more experience.

Both sets of plans are laid out with full explanations of the build process, as well as diagrammed breakdowns of the build and its parts.? The snowmobile plans also have a complete parts list attached.

Its time to get ready for some Winter Fun, so let’s get out there!!