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17 Unique Birdhouse Ideas For A Yard Birds Will Enjoy

Ready to add some creativity to your yard while also offering a nice place for birds to rest? Check out these 17 unique birdhouse ideas that’ll make your yard stand out.

Whether you like wizards, owls, or wolves, you’ll find a fun project to build and enjoy.

Let’s get started!

Top 17 Unique Birdhouse Ideas

#1. Wizard Birdhouse

wizard birdhouse patterns unique birdhouse ideas

This unique birdhouse idea looks like a wizard with a long beard and a pointy hat. The design is special because you won’t find many wizard birdhouses out there.

And the great thing is building it from scratch is also quite easy. You don’t need a lot of tools or special skills.

Just get some wood, nails, and paint.

Then all you need is a bit of cutting and hammering to get things done.

And you know what? Painting on the wizard face will be the best part. This wizard house is perfect for anyone who likes magic and making things.

The birds might also think it’s pretty cool too. (Who knows, have a try?)

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#2. Cowboy Birdhouse

Cowboy birdhouse patterns, cowboy birdhouse scroll saw pattern

Yee-haw! This birdhouse looks like a cowboy ready to ride. The big hat and friendly face make it extra special.

You can be sure no other birdhouse in the block will look this good.

Tracing and cutting out the cowboy shape is easy. Nailing it all together is simple too.

Making this birdhouse is perfect for all ages. So a great project to do with kids at home on a nice weekend.

Every time you look at your cowboy birdhouse, you’ll feel happy and proud.

You’ll know you made a cozy home for birds and added some charm to your yard. Don’t be surprised if your neighbors ask where you got such a cool birdhouse!

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#3. Pirate Birdhouse

pirate birdhouse idea

Arrr, this birdhouse looks like a pirate! It’s got an eyepatch and a pirate hat that makes it look ready for adventure. This birdhouse will add some excitement to your yard like no other.

Building this pirate birdhouse is easier than it looks. With some wood, a few tools, and paint, you can make this fun project.

Cutting out the pirate’s hat and face takes a little bit of patience. But putting the house together is pretty easy overall.

So, are you ready to add some adventure and a lot of joy to your yard?

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#4. Sea Hag Birdhouse

sea hag birdhouse patterns

Now, if you want a birdhouse that’s a little spooky and a lot of fun, try making this sea hag! It’s truly a unique birdhouse. 

With her wild hair, toothy grin, and slightly spooky vibe, she’s sure to grab the attention of others in your yard.

Making this sea hag is a fun project that any DIY fan can do. You’ll need some wood, a few tools, and paint.

The trickiest part is cutting out her crazy hair, but it’s not too hard. Putting the birdhouse together is simple. Then you get to let your creativity go wild painting her face and hair.

When you put this sea hag birdhouse in your yard, it will make you laugh every time you see it. The birds will think it’s pretty funny too. This wacky birdhouse is sure to become a major part of your outdoor decor.

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#5. Owl Birdhouse

This birdhouse looks like a cute and friendly owl. It’s got big round eyes and pointy ears that give it a ton of personality.

It’s sure to add some wholesome charm to your yard.

You can make this owl birdhouse with just a few supplies and tools. Cutting out the owl face and assembling the house is pretty easy.

The most fun part is adding the owl’s features with paint. You can make your owl look however you want! This project is great for Owl fans of all ages. Putting it out in the yard will make the place more fun and friendly.

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#6. Gnome Birdhouse

gnome unique birdhouse ideas

This charming birdhouse looks just like a little gnome or dwarf.

The pointy hat forms the roof, and the cute face and beard add whimsy. Birds can enter through the round hole in the gnome’s nose area.

Gnome birdhouses bring a fairy tale feel to your yard.

This birdhouse design is especially great for folks who like quirky decor with personality.

Making a gnome birdhouse is easy if you have basic woodworking skills. Just cut and assemble simple shapes like cones and cylinders. Paint on the playful details.

It’s a quick project that adds instant charm outdoors.

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#7. Cat Birdhouse

This birdhouse is shaped like a cute cartoon kitty. The triangular ears double as a roof. Birds fly in and out through the hole that forms the cat’s smiling mouth.

A cat birdhouse adds feline flair to your garden decor. It’s purrfect for cat lovers. 

The irony of birds living inside a cat is sure to amuse visitors.

Even beginner DIYers can create this fun design. The simple shapes are easy to cut and put together. Kids can help paint on the adorable cat face.

Overall, it’s a great, fund birdhouse project worth a try.

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#8. Cow Birdhouse

cow birdhouse pattern

Moving on, how about a cow birdhouse?

The curved horns and long ears create a roof over the round entry hole.

The overall birdhouse design looks cute and offers ample space for birds to perch on and relax.

Cow birdhouses are a delightful addition in farm or country-themed yards. They’re an amazing surprise in flower beds or veggie patches. 

Just basic woodworking or DIY skills would be enough as the design is quite simple. Add a layer of paint, complete the setup and enjoy seeing your cow birdhouse adding a nice charm to your yard.

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#9. Old Man Birdhouse

This birdhouse has the wise look of a friendly grandpa. The slanted roof suggests a hat brim shading the round entry hole and kind painted face beneath.

An old man birdhouse brings a cozy, homespun vibe to outdoor spaces. It hints at traditional folk art. This charming design suits gardens, patios, or rustic porches.

To build it, start with a classic birdhouse structure. Add the hat brim and facial features, then paint the details. And you’re ready to enjoy its charm.

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#10. Moose Birdhouse

moose pattern unique birdhouse ideas

So, what do you think about this magnificent moose birdhouse?

The wide antlers majestically frame the round entrance below the friendly face. It’s burly, yet cute as a button.

Moose birdhouses add rustic look to cabins or woodsy yards. They bring a touch of wildlife wonder to any setting and are a fun DIY project to build.

To craft a moose birdhouse, cut and join the antlers, ears, and snout to a basic house structure. Paint the details, and you’re done!

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#11. Rabbit Birdhouse

cute tall rabbit unique birdhouse ideas

This charming birdhouse looks just like a cute woodland rabbit. The rounded shape forms the rabbit’s body, with pointed ears on top and an adorable face complete with eyes and a nose.

What makes the rabbit birdhouse unique is its cool and unique and cute animal design that will bring a smile to anyone’s face. It’s a delightful addition to your yard decor while also providing a welcoming place for birds to perch on.

Building the whole birdhouse is easy. The simple shapes can be cut out of wood and assembled with basic tools like a saw, hammer and nails.

Painting on the cute bunny face details is a fun final touch. This birdhouse is perfect for animal lovers and anyone who wants to add a touch of playful charm to their outdoor space.

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#12. Horse Birdhouse

horse birdhouse plans

The unique horse shape makes this birdhouse stand out from standard designs. 

The clever design captures a horse’s likeness, from the triangular ears to the slightly elongated snout. 

With its simple construction, the horse birdhouse is an achievable project for woodworking novices. Cutting out the horse structure from the wood and assembling the pieces is made easier with the basic shape.

Horse lovers of all ages and skill levels can enjoy crafting this charming home to attract birds to their outdoor space.

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#13. Cedar Men Birdhouse

cedar men birdhouse plans

This birdhouse puts a creative twist on the classic wooden birdhouse design.

Constructed to resemble a miniature man, it has a peaked roof forming a pointy hat, round eyes, and an open mouth serving as the bird entrance.

The cedar wood construction weathers naturally for a rustic look.

The special human-like shape gives this birdhouse a unique personality and visual appeal compared to basic box designs.

Birds will appreciate the dry cedar interior, while the quirky exterior adds an element of fun to your yard.

Building the cedar men birdhouse requires only fundamental woodworking skills like cutting simple shapes and assembling them.

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#14. Pig Birdhouse

pig unique birdhouse ideas

This absolutely adorable and one of the unique birdhouse ideas, is shaped like a cute, pudgy pig.

But beyond just being cute, the pig birdhouse’s unique design is sure to bring smiles and delight visitors to your yard or garden.

The spherical body provides a cozy, spacious interior cavity for birds as well.

The pig’s simple rounded shapes make this a very approachable project for beginner woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts.

Animal enthusiasts of all ages will enjoy hand-crafting this cheery pig birdhouse to attract feathered friends to their outdoor spaces.

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#15. Hillbilly Birdhouse

hillbilly birdhouse unique plans and ideas

This charming birdhouse sports a fun hillbilly face design that will bring a smile to your yard.

Carved entirely from wood, the round eyes, big nose, and expressive mouth give this birdhouse tons of character.

The pointed roof resembles a gnome hat, adding to the cool, mysterious look.

This is one of the unique birdhouse ideas, ideal for anyone who enjoys folk art aesthetics and wants to add a humorous accent to their outdoor space.

With just some basic woodworking skills and tools, you can craft this Hillbilly birdhouse.

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#16. Bear Birdhouse

bear birdhouse ideas

Now this is a cute bear-faced birdhouse. Details like the round ears, inset eyes, and protruding snout really make it stand out.

The bear’s open mouth functions as the perfect entry hole for small birds to fly into and build a nest.

Crafting this bear birdhouse would make for a fun DIY project.

It requires some woodworking ability and tools to carve and assemble, but the result is an eye-catching piece that looks great!

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#17. Wolf Birdhouse

right view of wolf birdhouse plans

This birdhouse features a majestic wolf head design crafted from beautiful wood.

The intricate layering of wood pieces creates a sense of depth and texture that brings the wolf portrait to life.

The pointed ears, alert eyes, and elongated snout capture the essence of this powerful animal.

Assembling this wolf birdhouse would be an exciting project for woodworking enthusiasts. It requires precise cutting and arrangement of the wood pieces.

It’s perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of wolves and want to infuse their yard or garden with a touch of wilderness-inspired art.

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Final Thoughts

These 17 unique birdhouse ideas are a great way to add some fun and charm to your yard while giving birds a great place to relax.

Out of all, our top 3 picks are the wizard birdhouse for its magical appeal, the owl birdhouse for its cute and friendly look, and the gnome birdhouse for its fairy tale vibe.

These unique birdhouse ideas and designs are perfect for anyone who loves adding personality to their outdoor space.

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