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16 Best Welding Tables: Portable, Stationary & DIY Plans

Having a project you need to complete means you need the right tools and the right place to do the work. Fabrication equipment like welders, portable welding tables, or even a fixed welding bench/table all require you to spend money. Unless you intend to build your welding table (I’ll tell you about some great DIY plans in this article too), you’ll want something reliable.

And that’s precisely what you’re going to get here – a guide to a decent table. It is a compilation of some of the best welding tables for the discerning new, hobbyist, or experienced welder. There is also a unique set of free welding table plans we show you with a bonus feature for those of you who own plasma cutters. 

We’ll start this with five of the top stationary welding tables on the market.

Best Welding Tables For Beginners and Hobbyists

When you’re looking for a work table for welding, getting one with specific abilities geared towards your project is smart. It’s genius because using a table intended for welding reduces the possibility of fire, as these tables are designed to take the heat of falling slag.  



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We reviewed the stationary tables that would work best for the everyday welder. Whether you are a new welder, a hobbyist, or a professional, there is a table here for you. We looked at function, ability, and price. Key components include how well you can clamp your workpiece, the sturdiness of the table, expected longevity, and more. 

Klutch Steel Welding Table with Tool Kit

The Klutch Welding Table with Tool Kit is a perfect kit for the discerning beginner welder or hobbyist. The sturdy construction we’ve come to trust from Klutch is evident on this steel welding table. The table on its own is worth the price to buy it, but having the extra clamp kit is a bonus worth nearly as much as the table.  

It is a fantastic purchase that, in all honesty, I’m not sure how they can sell it at such a great price. Even at a regular price (at the time of writing this table is on sale, so check the amount to be sure) this table is entirely worth the asking price.

Do you want to stay on budget? It is the table for you. That’s why it’s earned the first place pick for the best welding table for a beginner or hobby welder. Take a look at these specifications in the list below.

Specifications of the Klutch Welding Table with Tool Kit

  • 36” long x 24” wide x 33 ¼” high
  • 4mm thick fixed steel top
  • 2mm thick steel frame
  • 16mm standard hole sizing
  • 2” standard hole spacing
  • Dual configuration table
  • Adjustable feet for table leveling
  • 24-piece metal fit-up tool kit included
  • Weight capacity: 600-lb.
  • Warranty: 1 year

Strong Hand Tools™ FixturePoint Table and Tools Kit — 28-Pc. Startup Kit

Moving into the next tier of welding tables, Strong Hand Tools delivers value again with this Fixture Point table with the bonus of a 28-piece components startup kit. This table is the next step up to a professional grade welding setup from the first two, entry-level tables mentioned. This one stands out to me as being the beginning of serious.  

With its solid construction and added component startup kit, this welding table is an excellent choice for the serious beginner or hobbyist. The structure of this table is on par with much higher priced setups, and it worth every penny. Take a look at some of these specifications of the Strong Hand Tools welding table.

Strong Hand Tools™ Table Specifications

  • 36” long x 24” wide x 34” high
  • 16mm standard hole sizing
  • 2” standard hole spacing
  • 4mm thick tabletop
  • Dual configuration table
  • Adjustable feet for table leveling
  • Weight capacity: 500-lb.

Best Fixed Precision Welding Tables

Strong Hand Tools™ BuildPro Modular 48” Welding Table

When you want to start talking about dangerous precision welding tables, then you should be talking about Strong Hand Tools™. These guys make a fantastic precision table at a reasonable price. This table is solid. With a weight capacity of 2-tons, there’s a reason I say this table is solid.

The table’s modular, slotted design with multiple clamping possibilities makes this one of the most versatile modular precision welding tables on the market. This table belongs in every precision fabricator’s workspace. Just take a look at this video from the manufacturer.

Strong Hand Tools™ BuildPro Modular Welding Table Specifications

  • 48” long x 36” wide x 36” high
  • Heavy-duty four-beam construction
  • ⅝” hole sizing
  • 2” standard hole spacing
  • 1 ¾” slots
  • Adjustable feet for table leveling
  • Weight capacity: 2-ton

Strong Hand Tools™ BuildPro Modular 78” Welding Table

The larger of the recommended precision welding tables here is another Strong Hand product. These guys know how to put together a solid table. This particular table can take a total combined weight of 4-tons. That’s more than an average car, making this my choice for medium-sized welding projects.

This table is a requirement in a serious fab shop or serious hobby welders garage or workplace. With the standard hole and slot system we’ve come to love from Strong Hand Tools™, this is a table as versatile as it is durable. Here are the specifications of this model.

Strong Hand Tools™ BuildPro Modular 78” Welding Table Specifications

  • 78” long x 36” wide x 30” high
  • Heavy-duty four-beam construction
  • ⅝” hole sizing
  • 2” standard hole spacing
  • 1 ¾” slots
  • Adjustable feet for table leveling
  • Weight capacity: 2-ton per 4-beam support base, totaling a 4-ton capacity

Best Portable Welding Tables

Klutch Adjustable Steel Welding Table

Klutch just keeps delivering, and this portable welding table is another fine example of how Klutch keeps coming to the table with great products (no pun intended). It is the best budget-priced welding table out there, in my opinion.  

The Klutch folding portable welding table is a rugged working welding table that sports a capacity of 400 pounds. Not what you’d expect when you see it folded like a television dinner tray you’d find at the cottage.

But, the durable 2mm steel construction does its job to make this the best budget-friendly portable welding table on the market. Take a look at these incredible features for this table that comes in under a hundred dollars.

Klutch Folding Welding Table Specifications

  • 30” long x 20” wide x 32 5/ 8” height
  • Weight: 35-lb.
  • Capacity: 400-lb.
  • Rugged 2mm thick steel frame construction
  • Zinc platter for splatter resistance
  • 4 x 1” slots for easy project clamping.
  • Infinite angle-adjustable tabletop for easy welding access
  • Warranty: 1-year

Grizzly Industrial 36” x 24” Folding Welding Table

Grizzly Industrial makes some pretty decent stuff. The company focuses on machinery, so you know when they design a table, it’s going to be good. This folding welding table is no exception to their rule of aiming for excellence.

The fact that a folding table has a capacity of 350-lb. It is frankly quite astonishing. It goes a long way to tell you the quality of Grizzly Industrial’s equipment.  

The standard-sized ⅝” holes spaced the standard 2” on the 9-gauge steel table surface is an industry-standard for setting up a precision welding project. And being standard industry sizing, many different welding table clamp systems are compatible with this table. Take a look at the full specification and warranty.

Grizzly Industrial Folding Portable Welding Table Specifications

  • 36” long x 24” wide x 31” height
  • Table surface: 9-ga.
  • Capacity: 350-lb.
  • Warranty: 1-year

KASTFORCE Portable Welding Universal Work Table Cart

Do you want portable welding? Well, you’ve got it with the KASTFORCE portable welding table and cart in one. It is just about the most portable I’ve ever seen for a welding table. This cart works great when you have a shop that needs a portable welding station on wheels.

And the convenient locks on the casters make it simple to lock in place for steady working. For the price, this welding table/cart can’t be beaten. Here are the specifications next.

KASTFORCE Portable Welding Table Cart Specifications

  • 36” long x 18” wide
  • Weight: 55.8-lb.
  • Standard ⅝” clamping holes
  • 4 heavy-duty locking casters
  • Steel table thickness 10-ga.

Strong Hand Tools Nomad Portable Welding Table

If you want to talk about bang for your buck, then this little welding table by Strong Hand Tools stands out in the crowd. Its smooth tilting work surface allows for the table to be tilted in either direction for maximum exposure to every angle of your workpiece.

And the easy move feature of having wheels mounted to the side of one side of the legs makes portability a breeze with the Nomad model.

Three slots at 22 inches long each mean you have maximum clamping ability for your welding work. And with a price like the Nomad comes in at, I don’t see why every welder wouldn’t have one of these tables around to help make some incredible things. Take a look at the specifications of the Nomad.

Strong Hand Portable Folding Welding Table Specifications

  • 30” long x 20” wide x 26” – 32” adjustable height 
  • Weight: 44-lb.
  • Capacity: 350-lb.
  • Affordable, adjustable, and portable
  • 3 x 1.1” slots for maximum clamping
  • Includes two magnets and a clamp as a bonus
  • Warranty: 1-year

Strong Hand Tools Nomad Extended Table and Tools Kit — 90in.L x 20in.W x 32in.H

It is my kind of work table. I do a lot of small to medium welding projects, and I can tell you this is a great setup. It is sectional, so you have two of the folding single welding tables, but then you also have the extension plate to join them together. The beauty of this is how you can customize the setup to fit your project’s needs. And it all dismantles and folds away for secure storage. Perfect for a hobby welder like me.

Another great feature to this setup, like the tables and extension alone wasn’t a value at a price on their own, are the extras you get with this kit. This table setup comes with a variety of parts, including clamps, magnets, and guide rails.

Tremendous value for a fraction of what you’d expect to pay from the professionals over at Strong Hand Tools. They aim to outperform again and again. Color me impressed. Take a look at these specifications.

Strong Hand Tools Nomad Extended Table and Tools Kit Specifications

  • 90” long x 20” wide x 32” height
  • Tilting work surface up to 30 degrees
  • The table is 14-ga. Steel
  • Combined weight: table and components: 106-lb.
  • 9 slots on the surface for clamping your project with the included MagSpring clamps
  • Included adjustable magnetic V-pads work great to secure stock in tight spots
  • This ultimate kit includes 2 tables, 1 connector table plate, and a 10-pc. Set of tools for clamping.
  • Capacity: 350-lb. per table (2 included)
  • Weight: 106-lb. combined kit weight

Eastwood Adjustable Steel Welding Table

Similar to the Nomad I just discussed, the Eastwood Adjustable Steel Welding Table is another similar portable workbench. This particular bench is what I like to think of as the budget version of the Nomad.

It’s an excellent little table, I’m just not as impressed with the fit and finish as I am with the Nomad. However, for the money, this portable welding table works just fine for the beginner welder or home welding hobbyist. Take a look at what this little table has for specifications.

Eastwood Adjustable Portable Welding Table Specifications

  • 30” long x 19.9” wide x 32.9” height
  • Weight: 36.3-lb.
  • Capacity: 350-lb. 
  • 14-ga. steel construction table surface
  • 3 x 1.1” wide slots for clamping your project
  • Height adjustable
  • 3 fixed angle positions to choose from

DEWALT Adjustable Height Portable Steel Welding Table

What I like about DeWalt products is that the company stands behind them. I don’t know if you’ve ever owned anything from this manufacturer, but they will usually replace products with almost no questions asked. That’s because their products are trustworthy. This portable workhorse style welding workbench is no exception.  

With a capacity of 1,000 pounds (evenly distributed, of course), this work station is surprisingly sturdy. And the option to turn it into a tabletop unit by removing the legs, that’s a nice feature. Take a look at these specifications for this portable steel welding table.

DeWalt Portable Steel Welding Table and Bench Specifications

  • 45 ½” long x 7 ½” wide x 18” height
  • Capacity: 1,000-lb.
  • Weight: 40-lb.
  • Warranty: 3-year

ArcStation Workbench, Work Surface 29×29

Miller knows how to weld. Their welding machines are used commercially by many companies across North America. And knowing to weld well, they’ve designed this premium and portable workbench with welding in mind.

When deployed, this table stands at 35”, and the plate style work surface is 29” x 29” square. A portable station precisely designed for arc welding. It’s a bit heavy, coming in at 81 pounds, but when you’re welding a project, you need something stable. It is a professional grade portable arc welding table. Go big or go home. Take a look at these specifications.

Miller Portable Arc Welding Table Specifications

  • Unfolded: 29” long x 29” wide x 35” height
  • Folded: 29” long x 6” wide x 48” height
  • Capacity: 500-lb.
  • Weight: 80-lb.
  • Table Thickness: ⅜” steel

Hobart Portable Folding Welding Table

If new to welding, or you’ve been welding a while, you’ll likely already know the name, Hobart. They are a significant player in the welding industry, making not only welders but also a lot of other things as well. It only makes sense that they would design a portable welding table to accompany their many portable welders.

This portable welding table sports a smooth, flat steel tabletop surface with a work area of 35” x 19.5”. The built-in carry handles make the portability of this table above most others on the market being so easy to carry.

And coming in at only 47.5-lb., this welding table is easy enough to move, but solid enough to do the job and do it well. For the price, this is a great little portable welding table I recommend if a smooth flat surface is what you’re after in a welding table.

Hobart Portable Folding Welding Table Specifications

  • 35” long x 19 ½” wide x 34” height
  • Weight: 47.5-lb.
  • Built-in carry handles for easy transport.

Rhino Cart Mobile Fixturing Station

Take a look at the video below this paragraph. This cart is fantastic. IT is a serious welding cart that’s more of a welding table, work station, incredible fixturing station, all-in-one solution that wins the title for the most professional and versatile of all portable welding work stations.

Okay, the price is a bit high, but look at the features you get. First, it’s mobile with locking casters. Second, this table can take a massive capacity of 1,500 pounds. You could throw a car engine on it, and it would just smile and ask for another. This thing is fantastic.

The table boasts a heat-treated ⅝” thick work surface with the standard hole size and spacing the industry knows and loves. With a weight of 470 pounds, this portable welding table is no lightweight, but you can be sure that it won’t be wiggling around while you work, especially with the premium locking casters.

Between the colossal table size, incredible features, extra storage bins, and more, this table is the Cadillac of welding tables. You can guarantee there’s one of these Rhino’s on my wish list, that’s for sure!

Strong Hand Tools Rhino Portable Welding Fixturing Table Specifications

  • 48” long x 30” wide x 36” height
  • Weight: 470-lb.
  • Capacity: 1, 500-lb.
  • Table: ⅝” thick steel
  • Includes Rhino shelves, racks and pegboard for great organization
  • Locking premium casters allow for portability or fixed position
  • Leveling table legs are extendable to level in a fixed position
  • Extremely rugged construction for industrial-grade projects

Best DIY Welding Tables

Now that you’ve seen the best welding tables for the beginner, hobby, and experienced welder, let’s talk for a bit about building your custom welding table. There are multiple plans on the internet for sale for building your welding table.

Some of these plans range from as little as eight dollars and as much as thirty dollars. Each has its own merits and flaws, but one stands out as being the best, but I’ll get to that one. First, let’s take a look at a few of the plans you can purchase online. 

Welding Table Plans

This plan that you can grab off eBay is one of the premium plans available online. The plans call for a rugged construction using a steel tube, and I recommend the hole spacing of the table at the standard ⅝” with 2” apart.

The lower shelf makes for convenient storage space for non-flammables as the hot spatter could fall through the holes onto the rack below. I think adding a spatter catch tray under the main tabletop would be a fantastic bonus to this table, but it might impede upon the storage.

The last time I checked the plans for this table was under $40, but you’ll have to take a look for yourself to see if the price has fluctuated at all.

FREE DIY Welding Table Plans

I saved the best for last. This custom welding table plan is probably the best design of all the stationary welding tables due to it’s compartmentalized design. The open-top segmented compartments make clamping your project simple, and the standard hole pattern adds to the versatility of these plans.

Gizmo Plans dual-purpose welding table and plasma cutting table in one is shown in this file photo.
The Gizmo Plans Dual-Purpose Welding & Plasma Cutting Table

[elementor-template id=”16150″]

Another thing I like about this welding table design is the clean look. With angle instead of a tube, you save on steel, without really compromising much concerning capacity. And it allows for the easy installation of cross-bracing, as shown in the picture of the completed project above.

This versatile design is yours free. What kind of crazy deal is that for the best welding table plans on the internet?  

Welding Table Accessories

You definitely need a quality welding table to get your projects done, but there are a few other things you are going to need to go along with the table. Here I have put together a few of my recommendations for any cost-conscious welder.

Best Welding Table Magnets

Strong Hand Tools Heavy Duty Adjust-O Magnet Square

Another exceptional product to assist us in our welding, Strong Hand Tools, delivers again with the Adjust-O Magnet Square. I can describe to you how incredible and handy this tool is, but you need to see it for yourself. Watch this video and tell me what you think.

It is one of the coolest magnet squares to have in your toolbox. I love how it just turns on and off. I’ve gotten pinched so many times from traditional square magnets. Sure, I wear gloves, but you can’t always position things right when you’ve got gloves on.

And accidents happen so easily when it’s a simple pinch point. That’s why I can’t say enough good things about this square.

Worth every penny, heck yes! Every school that teaches welding should stock these squares. Just from a liability standpoint alone. But seriously, it’s an awesome square and well worth it. Two thumbs up from me.

Klutch Magnetic Square

This magnetic square by Klutch is as versatile as it is powerful. The square boasts a 45o, 90o, and 135o angles. And the strong magnet is a ferrite, semi-permanent type which will hold steady for decades to come. At a reasonable price, this magnet square will come in handy time and time again for your welding projects.

Lishuai Adjustable Angle Welding Magnet

Now here is a good idea. An adjustable angle welding magnet. Now this one is hobbyist priced, so I’d only recommend it for smaller jobs where it won’t be as roughly used. I don’t have this exact model, I have a much older version, and I love it. It comes in handy when you’re doing some precision work, and the angle just has to be right.

It can save you a real headache trying to make jigs and so on to get the angle perfect. This tool makes it easy. The only catch I found was that after a while, it started to slip a bit, but I was using it regularly for some time and probably dropped it a few times. For the price, I’d just buy two and never worry about it again.

Best Welding Table Clamps

Klutch 2-Axis 4” Welding Angle Clamp

If you’re shopping for a reliable, rugged, and above standard welding angle clamp, then this is the one. With a 4” capacity, the 2-axis welding angle clamp by Klutch is of professional-grade quality at a fraction of the cost.

The angle clamp has a 2-⅜” throat depth and a 5” jaw length, so it’s perfect for those times when you want to join some pipe or tube at an ideal ninety.

I’ve used one of these for years, and it has taken spatter so many times I can’t read the name anymore, and the screws are permanently welded in place. But it still works after many years of use (and abuse). If you’re doing any kind of angle welding repetitively, or you just want to do it right and get a perfect ninety every time, then make sure you’ve got at least one of these in your welding toolbox.

Maxpower Welding Utility Budget Clamp Set

Maxpower brings us a fantastic bargain set of steel clamps at a budget price. This set is great to have around as I’ve mentioned, you can never have too many clamps. Pick up a few sets of these, and you’re on your way. They are pretty decent quality for what you pay. They work just fine for your smaller projects.

Irwin Vise-Grip Locking Pliers 5-Piece Set

Okay, so these might technically classify as pliers, but four out of five of these are vice-clamps if you ask me. I have maybe ten of these in my toolbox. You can never have too many Vice-Grip Locking Pliers around. And this set is a good deal with all these different types and sizes.

I use them all the time to help hold stuff together when I weld. Sometimes, I’ve even used them to maintain a ground clamp on solid when it doesn’t want to stay on that sweet spot that gives you an excellent ground. Very handy if you need a fast brace to tack something.

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