67″L x 34″W Raised Planter Box Plans



Tall Raised Garden Bed Plans

Great for any gardener who prefers to garden at waist-level and ideal for elderly, disabled and handicapped gardeners.

Excellent physical therapy.
Easy access while standing or sitting.
Unrestricted access under the soil tubs.
Legs can be cut to any desired height during initial construction.

DIY Tall Garden Bed Specifications

This sturdy structure can be placed on your wood deck or concrete patio. You can also place it on the soil in your garden area, perhaps with a stepping stone block under each leg to keep it from settling deep into the soil surface.

The light-weight frame structure can be easily moved or relocated by one person, once the soil tubs are emptied and removed (from the frame structure).

Professional design:

  • This product is professionally designed by mechanical engineers at Schultek Engineering.
  • Great weekend project, requiring just basic construction skills a few common tools.

Included in the plans:

  • Designs for the basic waist-high raised-bed structure, length-wise trellis structure, and cross-wise trellis structure.
  • Thorough and complete dimensioned drawings and photos are provided. A PDF copy link for downloading will be sent upon order submission.
  • A complete and detailed list of materials and tools are provided.
  • This product is designed so that every single item of hardware and lumber can be readily purchased at your local Home Depot or hardware store.
  • Every item is identified specifically by a photo, UPC barcode number or other identification.

Frame structure:

  • Actual outside dimensions of basic frame (as shown in photos) are 67-1/4 long x 34-1/4 wide x 40 tall. Height is easily adjusted to user preference.
  • Actual total soil surface area is slightly less than 10 square feet.
  • All structural joints are fully reinforced with heavy-duty galvanized steel brackets, stiffeners, bolts and screws.
  • Very rugged and rigid structure.
  • The basic frame is made of standard 2×6 dimensional lumber (actual 1-1/2 x 5-1/2), cut to length.
  • Cross braces are made of standard 1×4 dimensional lumber (actual 11/16 x 3-1/2), cut to length.
  • Legs may be tapered, as shown in photos (for improved aesthetics) or simply cut to length (for simpler construction).

Soil tubs:

  • Made of heavy-duty plastic, rated by the manufacturer for 750 lb load (each).
  • 14-inch internal tub depth.
  • Multiple water drain channels are molded into the bottom of the tub. Simply drill a single drain hole in the tub bottom and cover the tub bottom with a fine screen and course rock for adequate drainage.
  • Covers are provided for the tubs. These covers can be used during the off-season to stop weed growth in the tubs and to shed excess rainwater if desired.

Trellis structures:

trellis structures rise 4 feet above the garden structures.

  • Multiple trellises may be added to the frame structure, as desired.
  • Trellis frame is constructed of 2×2 dimensional lumber (actual 1-1/2 x 1-1/2), cut to length.
  • Horizontal and vertical trellis parts are off-the-shelf green plastic-coated hollow steel garden stakes, with knobby surface features for the easier tie-up of plants.


  • This can be manufactured and assembled with basic skills and a few common tools.
  • Basic frame and tub cost is $95 for all hardware and $58 for California redwood lumber (all purchased from Home Depot).
  • Length-wise trellis cost is $60 for hardware and $12 for California redwood lumber (all purchased from Home Depot).
  • Cross-wise trellis cost is $35 for hardware and $9 for California redwood lumber (all purchased from Home Depot).
  • Lumber selection
    • Rot resistance recommend redwood, cedar or pressure-treated lumber
    • Aesthetics recommend redwood or cedar
    • Lowest cost recommend Douglas fir (or comparable), as it can be purchased for approximately 1/3 the cost of redwood
  • Deck sealer finish is optional. Cost for a quart of deck sealer is not included above, as a natural weathered finish may be desired.

Tools required for manufacture assembly:

  • Hand saw (or power saw)
  • Small hammer or mallet
  • Power hand drill (for drilling holes and installing screws)
  • Several specified wood drill bits
  • Wrench, ratchet or socket driver
  • Simple hand wood chisel (or power wood router)
  • Tape measure ruler
  • Tin snips (sheet metal shears/scissors)
  • Marking pencil or pen
  • Protractor or other instruments (for marking a 75-degree angle)
  • Small square (e.g. combination square) (useful, but not required)
  • Sandpaper (or power sander) – optional, depending on the desired finish
  • Paintbrush optional, depending on the desired finish
  • Hand hacksaw (for metal) (or abrasive saw) optional, used to shorten several hollow metal trellis plant stakes if desired