Air Conditioner Mister



DIY AC Mister

Sprays a mist on your AC coils to reduce kilowatt usage 250 watts per hour or more

An Innovative Idea From Renowned Technical Writer
Virgil Johnson

YouTube video

Homemade Solar Air Conditioner Mister

Sprays soft mineral free rainwater on your outside AC coils
Includes Wiring diagram
Material List
Fully automated with Air conditioner control
Reduces KWH usage of your central air conditioner
All components readily available.
Build for only about $250.00
Works like an evaporative cooling tower.

Includes email support of your project.

Full test results with KWH usage comparisons.
All components tested
Solar powered pump
Also can be used as a rain barrel during offseason

Full-color printable ebook

Save On Air Conditioning Costs