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  • diy vertical wind turbine

    Vertical Access Wind Turbine Plans


    Vertical Access Wind Turbine Plans PDF Build Your Own Vertical Axis Windmill These are detailed plans and material list to construct a 4ft tall x 4ft diameter wind turbine that can be used to power just about anything from water pumps to generators and air compressors. These plans are drawn in such a way that…

  • wood boiler plans

    Wood Boiler Plans


    DIY Homemade Wood Boiler Plans Complete Plans with Bill of Material and Supply Sources. Inexpensive plans, inexpensive to build! These are not your ordinary Wood Stove Plans but are a different twist on Build Your Own Barrel Stove Plans.  Once complete this smaller sized Wood Fired Boiler will heat a small home, garage, pool and…

  • wireless generator throttle remote plans

    Wireless Remote Generator Throttle Plans


    How to Build a Wireless Remote Generator Throttle Some generators come with a load sensing throttle, but some don’t. If you have one that doesn’t, or if you are like Mike from Michigan and built your own generator you really need to build your own. Mike built a sawmill and it is nice to idle down…

  • pallet fueled wood boiler plans

    Pallet Fueled Outdoor Wood Boiler Plans


    PALLET FUELED WOOD BOILER PLANS   If you require a high capacity water outdoor wood burning stove but are concerned about the cost of commercial units, you have found what you’re looking for! This unit was designed to accept 10 -13 full-size pallets and was built for about $1600. You should also budget an additional…

  • wind turbine amp enhancer plansdiy wind turbine amp enhancer chart

    Low RPM PMA Alternator


    Build A PMA Alternator – Magnetic Amperage Enhancer Low RPM Wind Turbine Permanent Magnet Alternator Guide Increases Volts at Lower RPM’s for your PMA Generator – Alternator. Another great ?How I Built Mine? style guide by Mike from Michigan showing you how to rewire a permanent magnet generator and create a low RPM – PMA…

  • diy induction motor to generatorbuild a generator from electric motor

    Induction Motor as Alternator


    INDUCTION MOTOR TO GENERATOR   Induction Motor Can Be Converted To An Alternator – With No Rewinding There is very little difference between an ac electric motor and an ac power generating alternator. They both have?magnetic fields and coils of wire that react to it. This is an article by Mike from Michigan that shows…

  • diy electricity from fire

    Generate Electricity From Heat


    DIY ELECTRICITY FROM YOUR WOODSTOVE OR OTHER HEAT SOURCE   Electricity can be generated directly from most any heat source. It is called “the Seebeck effect”. Mike from Michigan used this generating phenomenon to run an air circulating fan which also worked as a humidifier, by combining a fan and a saucepan which held water….

  • Fuel Vaporizer


    HOMEMADE FUEL VAPORIZER SYSTEM   This guide will show you how to Build Your Own Gasoline Vaporizer and increase your MPG. “How I Built Mine” style guide, by Mike?from Michigan. DIY gas vaporizer tells you how you can build one yourself and start saving from the high gas prices! In the early 1900?s a fellow…

  • Fuel Mileage Enhancement


    ELECTRONIC FUEL MILAGE ENHANCEMENT   This is a Guide showing you How To Increase Fuel Efficiency by using sensor enhancements. Mike from Michigan shows “How I Built” style guide on How To Get Better MPG and START Saving Petrol Today! This document shows how Mike from Michigan used Electronic Enhancement of the EEC Computer and…

  • diy hydraulic firewood processor

    Firewood Processor Plans


    FIREWOOD PROCESSOR PLANS   Build Your Own Firewood Processor Why buy a firewood processor when you can build a complete processor for about the same price? Why pay nearly $10,000 dollars for a firewood processor when you can make your own for approximately $2500? The plans offered are for building a firewood processor. This machine…

  • hay bale elevator plans, firewood conveyor plans

    Firewood Conveyor Plans


    FIREWOOD CONVEYOR PLANS   Build A Square Bale Conveyor Plans Complete Plans for building a firewood or small square bale elevator.? The plans are step by step instructions with digital photos or diagrams of each step. Easy to follow. Basic welding skills along with the use of drills and measuring tools are required. Conveyor Plans…

  • diy firewood bundler

    Firewood Bundler | Firewood Wrapper


    FIREWOOD BUNDLER | FIREWOOD WRAPPER   DIY Firewood Wrapper Make the most out of your firewood! Bundling or wrapping firewood adds value to the product and can increase the value of the wood tenfold. For Example, An 8-inch-diameter bundle of firewood 12 inches long will sell for from 3 to 9 dollars, depending on your…