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  • wireless generator throttle remote plans

    Wireless Remote Generator Throttle Plans


    How to Build a Wireless Remote Generator Throttle Some generators come with a load sensing throttle, but some don’t. If you have one that doesn’t, or if you are like Mike from Michigan and built your own generator you really need to build your own. Mike built a sawmill and it is nice to idle down…

  • Fuel Vaporizer


    HOMEMADE FUEL VAPORIZER SYSTEM   This guide will show you how to Build Your Own Gasoline Vaporizer and increase your MPG. “How I Built Mine” style guide, by Mike?from Michigan. DIY gas vaporizer tells you how you can build one yourself and start saving from the high gas prices! In the early 1900?s a fellow…

  • Fuel Mileage Enhancement


    ELECTRONIC FUEL MILAGE ENHANCEMENT   This is a Guide showing you How To Increase Fuel Efficiency by using sensor enhancements. Mike from Michigan shows “How I Built” style guide on How To Get Better MPG and START Saving Petrol Today! This document shows how Mike from Michigan used Electronic Enhancement of the EEC Computer and…

  • air conditioner mister plansair conditioner mister plans

    Air Conditioner Mister


    DIY AC Mister Sprays a mist on your AC coils to reduce kilowatt usage 250 watts per hour or more An Innovative Idea From Renowned Technical Writer Virgil Johnson Homemade Solar Air Conditioner Mister Sprays soft mineral free rainwater on your outside AC coils Includes Wiring diagram Material List Fully automated with Air conditioner control Reduces…

  • how to make a fluorescent ballastdiy fluorescent ballast

    12v Fluorescent Ballast


    12v FLUORESCENT BALLAST   Build Your Own 12 Volt Full Size Fluorescent Light Ballast Its expensive to buy a good size 12 volt fluorescent light ballast . Sure, you can run 120v units from a power inverter, but that is very inefficient.? Why not just build your own 12v ballast and run VERY efficiently directly…

  • water powered car plans

    Run Your Car On Water Manual Plans


    Guide To Run Your?Car On Hydrogen & Oxygen   ALTERNATIVE FUEL Water Powered Car Plans! FULL PLANS IN COLOR 188 Pages Total! Complete plans with diagrams and color How To illustrations! YOU WILL NEED plastic water tank with pump and level sensor. the control circuit, wiring, connectors, and epoxy. reaction chamber with electrodes and fittings….

  • diy homemade liquid heat exchanger

    Liquid to Liquid Heat Exchanger


    DIY LIQUID HEAT EXCHANGER   This project was developed to be used with an Outdoor Wood Burning Water Stove, to heat an in-ground swimming pool; however, it could be used with any heated water source. The main element of this plan is a simple liquid to the liquid heat exchanger, made from common, copper plumbing…

  • DIY Combination Water and Space Heating System

    Cozy Space Heater Plans


    DIY COMBINATION WATER AND SPACE HEATING SYSTEM   You’ll be amazed at the simplicity, efficiency, and savings of a Cozy Heater? Most Energy Efficient Space Heater! NEARLY FREE INDOOR HEAT! The Cozy Heater? is a space heater for people who want additional heat without the nuisance and danger associated with conventional space heaters. It draws…