ATV Log Arch Plans



ATV Log Arch Plans

Make your own logging arch. Simple construction.

Only Basic Tools Required: Cut-off Saw, Welder, Drill
Finished weight of machine = Approx. 120 lbs (depends largely on tire/rim size chosen)
Log Sizes up to 30 inches in diameter
Construction time = approx. 10 hours
Plans contain = 32 digital photographs, 3 diagrams, 16 pages

The log arch lifts the log by using a sliding tongue that moves a lever.


No winches, no hydraulics, no electricity required. (though the plans do include instructions on how to make a simple, non-sliding tongue machine with a winch if that is preferred).

Simply back up to the log, block the tires, release the latch pin, back up further to slide tongue and lower lifting lever. Hook up log tongs or chain. Move to block to the front of tires and pull forward to slide tongue forward and raise log lifting lever. The tongue has a self-latching pin to lock it in place. Remove blocking and move the log to the desired location.

To lower the log pull the self-latching pin, block tires and reverse to lower.

Log arches have many advantages over simply skidding log on the ground:
• Less dirt in bark = longer chain life on chainsaw (less sharpening)
• Raising log changes the friction on the ground. Less horsepower is required to pull the log.
• Would work well with ATV, Riding Lawn Mower, or even Horses.

Homemade Log Arch Plans Download

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