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  • diy bunk bed plans

    DIY Bunk Bed Plans


    DIY Downloadable Bunk Bed Plans

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    Steel Construction Folding Bunk Bed Plans

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    Wall Mounted – Folds Up and Out of the Way

  • rocket stove

    Rocket Stove Plans


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    A fun project for Hobbyists, Students or anyone who likes to weld and fabricate.

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  • 12′ Aluminum Boat Plans Patterns


    Aluminum Boat Plans (12 foot) Build your own 12 Foot Aluminum Boat and Save Money! A fun project to build. My brother designed this Boat using ideas from many different designs. He wanted it to look great and easy to make sure it would be easy to handle. DIY Aluminum Boat Specifications: Aluminum open dinghy with…

  • steel pizza oven plans

    Steel Pizza Oven Plans.


    DIY Steel Pizza Oven Plans Step-by-step instructionsHow to construct a wood-fired pizza oven Stainless steel & brick construction, great for restaurants, catering and home. The size of the pizza oven: Width: 3′ 3 3/8″ inches (1000 mm) Depth: 3′ 4 9/16″ inches (1030mm) Height: 1′ 10 7/16″ inches (570mm) A wood-fired oven is ideal for…

  • S10 Snow Plow Blueprints, Snow Plow Mount Plans

    S10 Snow Plow Blueprints, Snow Plow Mount Plans


    SNOWPLOW SNOW PLOW MOUNT PLANS   Homemade Snow Plow Mount BLUEPRINTS S10 / S-10 BLAZER PICKUP If you have found yourself a snowplow, and want to fit it up to your S10 for winter,? here is what you need! Set of blue prints for a snow plow mount that will fit on an S10 pickup…

  • Rotary Swing Cylinder to Linear Hydraulic Cylinder Conversion Plans


    DIY PLANS TO CONVERT BACKHOE SWING CYLINDER TO LINEAR HYDRAULIC CYLINDER Massey Ferguson Complete information and Plans to convert Massey Ferguson MF40 Backhoe Swing cylinder Motor MF52 to Linear Hydraulic Cylinder System This is a set of blueprints to convert your Massey Ferguson Backhoe which has the old rotary cylinder to a linear hydraulic cylinder…

  • Recumbent Bicycle Plans


    RECUMBENT BICYCLE PLANS   Long Wheelbase Recumbent Bicycle Plans You’ve probably seen one before and wondered about it. It looks more comfortable and easier to ride, and it is. But if you’ve looked further, you have found that a new one is very expensive to buy. With this step by step plan set, and a…

  • pizza oven dxf plasma table filessteel pizza oven plans

    Pizza oven dxf file for plasma cutting


    PIZZA OVEN DXF FILE FOR PLASMA CUTTING   Stainless steel & brick construction, great for restaurants, catering and home. The size of the pizza oven: Width: 3′ 3 3/8″ inches (1000 mm) Depth: 3′ 4 9/16″ inches (1030mm) Height: 1′ 10 7/16″ inches (570mm) This is a DXF format CAD drawing for use with a…

  • Mini Log Skidder


    MINI LOG SKIDDER   A tow behind, multiple log skidder designed to be built and used by the homeowner with beginner to advanced metal fabrication skills. I’ve bought mail order plans since I was eleven or twelve. First from magazine advertisements and later from the WEB. Most of the early sets looked as though the…

  • GM H Body Sub Frame Repair


    GM H BODY SUB FRAME REPAIR   GM H-body Sub-Frame Repair from ’92 to ’99 Many folks have experienced sub-frame problems with the GM H-body from ’92 to ’99. The rear sub-frame members have rotted away right around the mounts to the body allowing the whole drive train assembly to drop down and possibly disconnect…

  • Four Wheel Bike Plans


    FOUR WHEEL BIKE PLANS   Blueprint plans to build your own adult size 4 wheel pedal car from recycled bike parts and tubing. The lightweight, pedal powered vehicle will provide physical exercise, clean air and good health.? Plans include: Working drawings and a Parts list. Built From: Lightweight square metal tubing. Salvaged bike parts easily…

  • diy firewood bundler

    Firewood Bundler | Firewood Wrapper


    FIREWOOD BUNDLER | FIREWOOD WRAPPER   DIY Firewood Wrapper Make the most out of your firewood! Bundling or wrapping firewood adds value to the product and can increase the value of the wood tenfold. For Example, An 8-inch-diameter bundle of firewood 12 inches long will sell for from 3 to 9 dollars, depending on your…